Lindsey Strutt Goes Topless

Lindsey Strutt is definatley not far behind the top british foursome that is Lucy Pinder, Keeley Hazell, Sophie Howard and Michelle Marsh when it comes to boobs. Its good to know that whenever any one of the ladies above retire Lindsey will be there to fill their shoes.. or bra’s.. or my mouth..

Lindsey Strutt Lindsey Strutt Lindsey Strutt Lindsey Strutt Lindsey Strutt Lindsey Strutt Lindsey Strutt
Pics from Only Tease

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10 comments on “Lindsey Strutt Goes Topless”

  1. Master Orion says:

    Perhaps its the obscurity that makes her so damn fucking hot!! Those boobs are fucking top class!!

  2. BlitheringIdiot says:

    Bit of a dodgy face, mind …

  3. Edward says:

    That’s Lindsay Lohan. I knew she was gorgeous, but this is the best I’ve seen her. Hardly photoshopped at all. Not sure when she started calling herself Strutt, but I like it. One of the New Spice Girls, right?

  4. adam says:

    no that cant be lohan?

  5. StephenH says:

    Not as cute as Pinder or Marsh. And Keeley’s boobs are far better to boot. Mid-table Championship at best.

  6. antmanbee says:

    She’s prettier than Michelle Marsh imo, and I like her more than Keeley. These pics don’t really show her at her best – not that I’m complaining, mind.

  7. Nitsan says:

    Perhaps after getting real liquored up with some real beer goggles she might be hot. bulldoze the face

  8. noirgwio says:

    Edward, Please Don’t Scare Me Like That… She’s Hot!

  9. Edward says:

    If you saw Lindsay Lohan when she was in Radar magazine, you’d know that they can photo edit virtually any woman into a goddess. She’s twice as hot as this woman on even one of her crack-binge days. Lindsay rules! All others are fools!

  10. kellen says:

    Pic #3 = OMG! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with her face (other than it not being full of cock). She’s prettier than those other top Brits – though her boobs are maybe SLIGHTLY less boobalicious.

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