Lindsey Pelas SnapChatted a Lingerie Shoot!

A few SnapChat caps of Lindsey Pelas looking busty in lingerie while on the set of a new photo shoot! Nothing really unique here but.. ya know.. TITS!

Use a Fleshlight while you view the pics.

Busty babe in lingerieBusty babe in lingerieBusty babe in lingerieBusty babe in lingerieBusty babe in lingerieBusty babe in lingerie

Here’s a bonus GIF of Lindsey getting bouncy:

9 comments on “Lindsey Pelas SnapChatted a Lingerie Shoot!”

  1. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Get em out already, bitch! Stop bein such a cocktease

    1. Frank Johnson says:

      She’s been butt naked all over Playboy, you developmentally stunted fuck

  2. Joe says:

    Without a bra those tits look like two pancakes sliding towards her knees. Her 15 minutes of fame ran out awhile ago

    1. jume4 says:


  3. Deewok says:

    Cheer up Joe.
    I might not happen…😉

  4. Corpse Paint says:

    Great body! Shame about the face*.

    *She looks like a doll now. Ewwww.

  5. Joe says:

    I’m cheery man. It’s just she looks better in clothes than out. Tits to her knees and a pussy that looks like a beat up stretched out wad of chewing gum. Her and Abigail Ratchford ran out of fame a long time ago, yet both beg for the spotlight. I’m very happy Deewok, just that she’s completely over rated .

  6. Fidel says:

    I give her the benefit of the doubt. Her boobs look much larger now than she did Playboy. They also shrunk last year but now seem big again. She is working on her ass so that looks bigger.

  7. Deewok says:

    Joe, I’d let her droop them into my mouth and glady offer my hands as support.
    If you think she’s done, please then send me any of your cast -off’s..

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