6 comments on “Lindsey Pelas Making a Margarita!”

  1. BeerMan says:

    Her body is amazing. But too many facial surgeries. I’ll bet she was a hottie before the surgeries.

  2. DW says:

    Last train to Sagsville.

  3. Don P says:

    I caught a bass with lips like that once. It wasn’t sexy either.

  4. jvt says:

    whatever u say. them tits are glorious

  5. Joe says:

    Those tits are headed straight for her feet and her pussy looks like a beat up catchers mitt. Her 15 minutes of fame ran out years ago. She got “famous” for getting naked and now she doesn’t hence her fame disappeared. She’s a joke now, a dime a dozen for whores like her.

  6. Angel Manuel Castillo says:

    Nice bar babe, good setring, next time behind the bar like a atronishing bartender with all her wet tricks!!!

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