Lana Rhoades is a Bad Kitty!

Is it just me or does porn star Lana Rhoades look extra curvy in this episode of Holed? Her boobs look bigger and her butt looks bigger. Not complaining because she looks sexy as hell, but it makes you wonder if she simply put on a little weight or if there are artificial enhancements happening?

Pictures from: Holed

Porn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kitty

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Porn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kittyPorn star is a naughty kitty

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20 comments on “Lana Rhoades is a Bad Kitty!”

  1. Zek says:

    Definitely artificial enhancements…she didn’t need in my opinion but i will still hulk smash dat ass

  2. mikeroyne says:

    god damn. this broad is perfectly built for pleasure, i love these fuckdolls

  3. Zz says:

    Go hulk smass a sandwich and buy some food, dammit poor knowledge teenagers started trolling about a baby.

  4. Zz says:

    And you definitely under the major age to understand a girl is something divine you can’t criticize her for this job, and calling ” fuck dolls ” other girls only a deviated teenagers gotta use these words. Hopefully you gonna understand this boy dare you good days.

  5. Wayaa says:

    Whatever you could say she is a baby.

  6. mikeroyne says:

    haha, get the fuck outta here with your white knight nonsense. she will never see this & she will never thank your neck beard having, fedora wearing ass for “saving her.” ~eyeroll~ none of us are divine, least of all you & for me hot fuckdoll is a huge compliment, as she is insanely hot. also, she is a professional sex haver, which i applaud, not criticize…now go back to your basement & let the adults talk

  7. BeerMan says:


  8. Zz says:

    Haha, adult talk? If you were an adult you would have a wife teen boy with your poor knowledge comment about women it’s obvious you don’t know anything about women. If you were an old man with some knowledge you would never use words like fuck doll , you think your can make such statements about other people not knowing a damn piece of shit about other lives.. Rather be an old White Knight with more knowledge than the school hours you passed than some of you guys. Now get to school your late 😉

  9. Zz says:

    Beer Man, do you think this lil mikeroyne it’s gonna give you a free bear cause you agreed with his stupid misogyny don’t fool yourself nephew, rather go and grind on your own than expect such things from other facade guys. Dare you good days be smart don’t let them fool you good 😉

  10. Zz says:

    And for your lack of respect and ignorance I don’t expect nothing from her I just exposed my point of view which all mature people could realize I was right. Believe it or not someday you gonna understand this dear teens, life gonna teach you this so don’t take it personal that being said…We lift it off, dare you you the best and good days!

  11. mikeroyne says:

    concern troll is concerned. i hope this is performance art & this MRA incel isn’t serious

  12. Deewok says:

    Holy shit im fucking bored shitless.
    Don’t agree wi Mike, he’s normally a dick…but fucker said fuck all wrong there.
    Fuck off you boring retard.
    Your on a porn site.
    They are fucking porn stars.
    Go look up nice sowing patterns you shite ersehole.
    Complete type of prick you want to just kick cunt in.
    And yes, that’s violence.
    Bet you have good a fucking beard too you fucking nonce.
    Just fuck off 😬🖕

  13. Deewok says:

    Mike you can be an ignorant boring bastard, but I’d hold your jacket while you kick this cunts brains in

  14. mikeroyne says:

    ok Dee, its a date. i hope he has some tattoos to further fuel my cunt kicking. then we can do find some nice, slutty fuckdolls

  15. Wizaa says:

    ZZ pointed out a truth while some of you little teenagers trying to look for excuses when obviously his solid statements were the truth. It doesn’t matter she works for a time as pornstars you dumbasses haven’t learned you might address your opinions to a baby as normal people? Is this complicated for your fingers to type a decent comment? Don’t come at me with bullshit that’s a porn site that’s not an excuse lol. If you even don’t have something better to do than browsing such a website at least if you wanna post a comment don’t type worthless rubbish about a teenager girl. And if you don’t have something better to do with your time I suggest you to take care of the garden or get a decent job, not trolling. You guys gonna understand this at a right time.

  16. ZZ says:

    I can suggest you to make a visit to a psychiatrist son, violence against children or girls for e.g. the stupid rubbish you said about Lana will never gonna bring you happiness you just fooling yourself nephew… Soon or later you will realize that’s not the right road, yes we can trolling all night long but what’s worth to it? If you know what I mean if you want to watch porn watch some ” decent ” normal sex porn movies if you know what I mean. Besides dare you the best and good days.

  17. ZZ says:

    I understand your trolling but at least try to realize what I said it’s true showing a little bit respect to Lana or any other girls even if you referee to porn stars it’s not gonna crush your ego, right? Definitely you gonna understand this someday as a mature man as I said above to your other friend dare you just good days.

  18. Amen says:

    And there’s no way to be rude to such a baby.

  19. Deewok says:

    To quote Winston Churchill….
    “You Sir, are a dick”

  20. ZZ says:

    @ Deewok
    ” Don’t try to walk on a rope wiser than you if you haven’t been through the ages experience ” Before quote this try to understand how to be more humble to a teen girl, okay sweeetheart dare you good days 🙂

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