Know Your Girlfriend’s Character by the Shape of Her Boobs

Breasts have never been just the part of female body. Since time immemorial, boobs have been riveting men’s eyes. And there is an explanation. In men’s subconsciousness, female breasts are associated with maternal care, the feeling of safety and satiety. No wonder, guys get blissfully paralyzed looking at boobs. Some like big boobs, some like small tits. Some like contemplating them, some prefer touching, and some men like to analyze female breasts. Thanks to the latter category of men, a classification of breast shapes was created. Sexologists claim that the shape of woman’s breast has a more significant influence on her character than her zodiac sign. Check out the following shapes of boobs proposed by Piero Lorenzoni and systematized by and figure out your woman’s character.

Women whose boobs resemble the shape of lemons are cheerful and want to live their life in their own way. They are good actresses, which means they easily adapt to new circumstances and play their role till the end. They are very loyal and sincere in a relationship.

The boobs of this kind are small, rounded, slightly looking away and resemble apples. Among the owners of this very shape, there is a big percentage of frigid women. So, you need to be diligent to make her orgasm. At the same time, she will do her best to please you. The main trait of women of apple-type is their constancy. They don’t want to change partners, so they get married at an early age. They are good wives and homemakers.

Typical signs of this breasts type are big nipples and triangular shape. Women can be characterized as independent and strong personalities with a strong will. However, they tend to act foolishly sometimes. A “Pear” is reasonably scandalous and able to lead men by the nose. In terms of marriage, these women make love fantastically and are not alien to perversion.

“Orange” boobs are round and of medium size. This shape indicates that a woman is not interested in the physical side of love. She is temperamental and purposeful. In terms of sex, she is uninhibited and can bring much pleasure to her partner. They are reliable partners in any sphere of life.

Bulging boobs resembling the shape of grapefruit could have symbolized the immense sexiness of their owner, but it’s the other way round. Such woman is shy and attached to one man. She values tenderness more than sex. The main trait is a pragmatic approach to everything. Among the shortcomings are the absence of a sense of measure, strong self-control, self-criticism. These women make good loving and tender wives and homemakers.

The owners of this type of boobs are peacemakers. These women are merciful and ready to give a helping help to anyone who needs it. In relation to the opposite sex, these ladies like to be pampered and praised, but they rarely like sex.

These small boobs don’t adjoin but face away and look provocative. The owners of this kind of boobs are cute and funny women. They get sexually aroused pretty easily. They are inventive and smart in bed. They make great life partners but sex is not a primary thing for them.

Small boobs that your hands can accommodate. Women having this shape of boobs are very sensitive. They never stop the self-improvement process. In bed, they are aimed at satisfying their sexual needs in the first place. They like to be the leaders and be first to show the initiative. They make really great lovers.

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