7 comments on “Kim Kardashian Looks Good in a Bikini!”

  1. mikeroyne says:

    you know, as much as she represents the worst parts of humanity, she sure is built for fucking…that said, she was one broad that i was less interested in after watching her sex tape. so lazy & boring

  2. bob says:

    and then she turns around and you start to barf.

  3. Joe says:

    She has a nice set of tits….but the way she fucks, the way she was on the sex tape…boring and not sexy at all. And as Bob said as soon as she turns around holy shit that’s a fat ugly saggy potmarked and beaten by a bag of nickels ass. And would be willing to bet it’s not even real. So yes she has tits, that’s where anything good she has ends. Dumb fucking fame whore cunt

  4. Bobthenob says:

    Mrs nasy her name

  5. Lance Burton says:

    Take 40 gallons of cottage cheese and stuff it into a thanksgiving turkey, and ya get Kim Kardasian.

  6. Rob says:

    The crazy thing is that every man on here talking negative about her if given the opportunity would put that bitch on her knees and slay her from the back regardless if her ass is real or fake. Facts!!!!!

  7. Stiff Matty says:

    I’d fuck her alright but I wouldn’t want to have to carry on a conversation with her.

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