Khrysti Hill

I know a lot of you boobie blog visitors enjoy your busty ethnic babes so you’re going to love Khrysti Hill! She has her own website which you can check out over here.
Khrysti Hill Khrysti Hill Khrysti Hill Khrysti Hill Khrysti Hill Khrysti Hill Khrysti Hill Khrysti Hill

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16 comments on “Khrysti Hill”

  1. Caesar says:

    No offense, Sir. But I ain’t interested.

  2. Niklas - Owner says:

    Thats ok. Everyone cant like everything and I know a lot of people do like girls like Khrysti Hill.

  3. Anonymous says:

    she got me rock hard

  4. redxiii says:

    wow she’s like some kind of goddess

  5. Angelo says:

    Khrysti Hill is sexy anyone who says otherwise needs to get they’re head and eyes checked. Shes curvy like an F-1 track and well represented in all the right places.Not to mention a real pleasure for the eyes. I don’t like most toothpicks they call models and Khrysti is a fine example of curvaious glory. A true work of art Khrysti Hill

  6. Slimhova says:

    She is the Baddest chick i have seen in person. Im from ohio

  7. Slimhova says:

    Ive met her personally. she look better in person

  8. Phillip says:

    She got biggest set tits I’ve eva seen. She can fuck me n e time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. coolio says:

    that girl is fine as hell i would fuck her even if
    she had H.I.V

  10. sid al says:

    she is really hot as hell. I ll f**k her the first chance i get

  11. Kingcow says:

    Wow!! She is the finest face and body i’ve eva seen second only to esther

  12. Kingcow says:

    I agree wit angelo Khrysti hill is a work of art and i love women like her and i would love to meet her in person some day

  13. idlejc says:

    shes the baddest female out there. i went to college wit her at ksu.

  14. james says:

    yall have to see portia she is pretty as hell natural beautiful and thick she look like a doll its crazy. I think portia is brazilian so of course she got khristi.

  15. john says:

    its funny cause i grew up with her

  16. danny says:

    does she ever show the nipples?

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