8 comments on “Katie Price Nude at the Beach in Thailand!

  1. I_HATE_KATE says:

    NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS PLASTIC BITCH, not even Ivan would fuck her

  2. TheLittleFrenchGuy says:

    Ans what about Jodie Marsh ?

  3. Deewok says:

    Ok these pictures are just fucking weird..
    And yeah…the guy is in fantastic shape…but hes a ginger..
    And that just makes it more fucking weird…
    Kinda outs the weird in weird..

  4. BeerMan says:

    Pics #3 & #11 👍🏼

  5. Alec says:

    Wheres the frontal view??

  6. Deewok says:

    Beer man. I would shag the erse off her, whatever the naysayers on here say…put I do find that a weird set..
    And since she is nude…why not a fanjita shot???? 🤔

  7. Emil says:

    Someone fucking drown her already! And the ginger bellend!

  8. Seabass says:

    I`d fuck her.

    Ive seen way way wwaaaayyy worse boobjobs in porn, the thing that turns me off is those god awe full tattoo`s.

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