8 comments on “Joey Fisher in Striped Pants!”

  1. Theoderich says:

    She really is awesome. Keep the Joey posts coming.

  2. Joe says:

    Paper bag time…

  3. Or pick a name says:

    Joe… I’ve had it up to here with you! Joey is a natural beauty. No makeup required. That body… Excuse me while I pass out and hit my head on the sink and die…

  4. The pants make me think of the circus, but she’s a stunner — I’m with Theoderich and Or pick a name.

  5. Squalla says:

    Joe: you’re into men. Sorry you had to hear it from me.

  6. Joe says:

    I don’t like a woman who looks like a man… therefore I like men? Right. Sure.

  7. bubbajoe says:

    Joe, tryin not to join the chorus here, but good god man! You tellin me if she walked into a room with that outfit on, and did just that…..you’d stand up and say….”I’m sorry hon, but you look like a guy, I’m out”…..? Really? Seriously? THANK YOU! CAUSE I’D BE ALL IN BABY!!!!! You can go sit in the corner and fap to your hands content. I’m gonna motorboat my way to England!

  8. L A Norm says:

    Just gotta join the Joe bash party. JOE YOU’RE NUTS. Joey Fisher AWESOME

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