Jessica Simpson Pokies in NY!

Another round of Jessica Simpson candids from NYC. This time she’s showing less cleavage but making up for it with pokies! What’s going on with her face though? Not sure I like whats happening upstairs..

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9 comments on “Jessica Simpson Pokies in NY!

  1. Answerman says:

    “2 for the price of 1” facelifts, that’s what going on up there

  2. Jason says:

    She is starting to remind me of Kelly Madison, beautiful natural tits with a fucked up botox, face lift face. I hope Jessica stops with all the facial surgerys or she is going to look like a monster.

  3. mikeroyne says:

    she never was all that gorgeous, now her face is like a giant cube. at least shes got that awesome body, that outfit does it no justice

  4. Frank says:

    facelift whatever, would still bang like a screen door in a hurricane

  5. Danjon says:

    Her body is amazing these days though, love how big her boobs has become! Keep the Jess pics coming!

  6. inpi argentina says:

    what an amazing body!!!! i love big boobs. thanks for quality pictures!!!! i love so much this girl..and this blog!!!! keep the updates!!!!!!

  7. BoredMe says:

    “she is going to look like a monster”–Worthless fat guy who is never going to have sex with a 7.

  8. BoobEmperor says:

    Thank you Frank. Complaints about face lifts coming from gay men. Trust me.

  9. Gonzo says:

    OMG she’s looking enormous!! Her husband is like come on lets get out here I gotta go play with those!! She must look amazing in a pair of high heels and nothing else!!

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