12 comments on “Jessica Simpson In Esquire”

  1. Mike says:

    Holy Shit. Pic 6 does rult. Found out today she might be accepting a full frontal nude roll…… I’ll be checking it out!

  2. bill&todd says:

    without a doubt they are the best boobs in hollywood!!!

  3. red says:

    Accepting a full frontal role? what movie? pic 6 is incredible and yes they are by far the best knockers in hollywood. I’d give my right nut to motorboat ’em.

  4. razia says:

    whats the fucking deal with the first pic? did arouse anyone? rather can it? ewwwww!

  5. razia says:

    and seriously..the worst face in hollywood!

  6. bill&todd says:

    oh dude seriously, full frontal role? that would be good, not her acting skills though ­čśŤ which film is that?

  7. cheese says:

    tony romo, you goddamn lucky ass bastard!!!

  8. Nitsan says:

    holy shit!

  9. Wiseone says:

    worst face in hollywood, I don’t fookin think so my friend she is gorgeous, annoying but gorgeous and her rack is awesome.

    Personally i liked pic7

  10. razia says:

    seriously dude,look closer,IF you dont look at the rack and just look at the face in the 7th pic,it looks like that of a man,a very dirty man whose desperately wanting to have a bath coz he’s filthy! :))

  11. badboy says:

    I agree with razia. She’s ugly and her tits aren’t that great either.

  12. Mike says:

    What the fuck is up with pic one… She used to be a dude???

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