Jennifer Love Hewitt Is The Boob Whisperer

Actually.. I should be the boob whisperer because I want to whisper at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boobs. And with whisper I mean lick.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt
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9 comments on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Is The Boob Whisperer”

  1. Wiseone says:

    i wish she would just go topless once and for all before they get too old and sag

  2. hal says:

    The only 2 reasons I watch that show !!!!

  3. Douche Killer says:

    she does have 1 of the best sets in hollywood..2 bad she’s such a cunt off screen

  4. citizen erased says:

    awwhhh….shes amazing… the show’s pretty good too.. she has some pretty steamy shots in most of the episodes.

  5. kellen says:

    My ex looks about as close to JLH as anyone could (except only SLIGHTLY smaller chest – she was a 34D, but JLH’s look bigger). Anyway, every time I see shots like this I wonder what the hell I was thinking splitting up with her.

  6. badboy says:

    If I was a ghost I’d cover her tits with ectoplasm

  7. noirgwio says:


  8. Tom says:

    Her tits look amazing, but they’d look better covered in my cum. Same with the rest of her. Nice legs, nice ass.

  9. Kelly says:

    I’m 47, married, and jack off EVERY DAY to JLH pix.

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