Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage in Blue

Jennifer Love Hewitt returned to former glory by wearing a tight dress to the premiere of Like Crazy! I can’t remember if her tits used to be bigger back in the mid 90’s or if they were always the same size but for some reason I feel like they used to be bigger. Then again, my mind might have been warped from running a boob site and what I thought was big back then is average now.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt cleavageJennifer Love Hewitt cleavageJennifer Love Hewitt cleavageJennifer Love Hewitt cleavageJennifer Love Hewitt cleavageJennifer Love Hewitt cleavage

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8 comments on “Jennifer Love Hewitt Cleavage in Blue”

  1. Lance burton says:

    Time is running out for her to set those free. She doesnt wanna end up like Meg Ryan.

  2. morrdigan says:

    Someone needs to get those phone pics. We already know she is nuts. She must have some good ones on there.

  3. bankspank says:

    i think the boobs were always the same, she was just a skinny little toothpick back then.

    regardless, she still looks great

    @morrdigan remember her talking about “vagazziling” hmm, pics of that would be nice!

  4. fps_doug says:

    She has a massive forehead

  5. Aaron says:

    Who wouldn’t love to hew Jennifer’s two in twain? Party of 5? More like party of 38! Or party on 38 if any macho male’s dreams cummmmmm true. I am literally weeping right now looking at those things. My god, I would give up everything I own and everything I ever will own to touch and feel those big bazookas. I would indenture myself to her forever. Just let me tickle and touch those rowdy tooters. Jennifer, you’ll love it!

  6. Niklas says:

    first celeb crush 🙂

  7. Tennessee1975prince says:

    Her Body, is always bangingly hot and so so tight,love the curves Jen, Damn

  8. cowbulls says:

    She is a top 5 of all time on my fantasy bucket list.

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