Jennifer Love Hewitt At The Beach

Wowza.. I didnt see this coming. Jennifer Love Hewitt putting on a whole bunch of weight? I havent watched her show Ghost Whisperer in forever but I thought she looked pretty fit on it. At least more weight = more boobs I suppose.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt Jennifer Love Hewitt
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17 comments on “Jennifer Love Hewitt At The Beach”

  1. Wedge says:

    I love it when Hollywood girls put on weight. They just look healthier!
    Plus more weight = more boobs, as you said.

  2. badboy says:

    I like her a bit chubbier.

  3. dark_gothik says:

    better than ever

  4. Apathetic says:

    Id certainly get behind her. Girls with a bit of weight are sexy. And her tits help too.

  5. Dave T says:

    Compared to her usual skeletal appearance, any small amount of weight gain’s noticeable. I say good on her. As for putting on a “whole bunch of weight”? Gimme a break. If that’s a whole bunch, I’m Oprah Winfrey.

  6. Edward says:

    She’s actually looking kind of sloppy with all that flab around her thick belly. And the smile is a bit dopey looking. But she has money and a large rack, so still above average. Barely.

  7. Nipplepotamus says:

    Great, now not only does she have the face of Barbaro she has love handles too. Yay…she just doesn’t do it for me, plump or otherwise.

  8. SadClown says:

    I don’t know, this is the first time I’ve found her even remotely attractive. She’s looked like a teenage boy with breasts for so many years, its kind of exciting to see her actually looking like a woman.

  9. razia says:

    what is it about this female that every male likes her so much.i mean look at her!does she make you lust for her in any way at all?

  10. Grump says:

    Hollywood can make damn near ANY female look good. Yay makeup dept! Anyhow, she’s always been top heavy, her ratio of boobs to gut has always been good. Even a little more weight makes little difference. Not my fav in Hollywood, but she’s always easy on the eyes.

  11. rico says:

    she having fun,good for her, she still look good

  12. dave says:

    sweet boobs, junk in the trunk, id hit that

  13. Madonna is a Wrinkled Cunt says:

    Whatever, those are bad angles and not only that her body type naturally get busty and fuller-especially when you are fucking non stop like she’s fucking her fiancee. She wants to fuck not workout and he’s happy so no problem.

  14. Steven says:

    She’s always been busty, but she’s gotten ‘hippy’ as well of late. In “Ghost Whisperer” she tends to wear high-waisted dresses (babydoll style) these days that hide the fact that her butt has gotten large and her waist is disappearing. The camera works hard not to show her butt any more than necessary.
    The boobs are still nice though!

  15. Sara Lynn says:

    Where is all this weight she gained? She still lookings small, to me!! WTF? She was anorexic-like before, any gain at all is an improvement.

  16. badboy says:

    She looks really hot with the extra weight

    Her ass has grown too

    Lovely and fleshy and so fuckable.

  17. JLH = HOT says:

    Niklas if you are reading this, take another look at JLH. She has improved immensely since these photos and has not lost any boobage, I think she is ultra sexy now. You havent added any pics of hers for over a year, please take a new look at JLH.

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