6 comments on “Jamie Hammer Goes Back To School”

  1. Edward says:

    I don’t care if this one’s a dude. From the neck down this is classic. But that face….eeeeesh…okay….not looking really like a guy, I guess, but….well…must concentrate…on..the…boobs….

    ah, damn it, that one tranny you posted has got me spooked…now I think every marginal chick is a guy…even with this awesome body…. what the heck, I’m feeling gayish today…I dig her…can’t help myself… I’ll burn in hell…

  2. lisa says:

    Ed, Jamie Hammer is all 100% female 🙂

  3. Niklas says:

    What the hell? How can you even entertain the notion that Jamie Hammer is a dude? I think you must have had an accident, picking up a “woman” and discovered your mistake too late. I dont post trannies.

  4. Edward says:

    You posted that one about a day or two ago. That’s a dude. I’m positive of that. Well, almost positive….okay, I just looked again: that’s a dude. Okay, so Jamie’s a chick…I said I like her, didn’t I? See? That means she’s a chick…it’s just that you posted that one dude and now I wonder if I need glasses or something…

  5. Mynameisnictoo says:

    Ed, you are fuckin gay and you just wish she was a dude. i seriously don’t see any male features in her face.

  6. eddie says:

    dude or not great tits is what i say

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