Is It Wrong To Fuck A Doll?

You should all know by now that Im a pervert so it should come to no surprise that I want to fuck a real doll. Sex dolls or the nicer term love dolls is a bit of a taboo among most people. If you own or have fucked a sex doll people might think you’re a loser that cant get laid in real life. Well, whats the diffrence between a guy putting his cock into an artificially made vagina and a chick fucking a dildo? none really. I have never had sex with a love doll before and thats because most of them looks like this:
Ugly Sex Doll
Not really attractive looking. You can find more funny looking sex dolls here.

Then I discovered Real Doll. Im sure you’ve all heard about it before. These dolls not only look very realistic but they are supposed to feel very realistic as well. They have a couple of nice and busty ones which I wouldnt mind testing out, the only thing that worries me is that they might seem TOO real. I mean, it would be weird to fuck something thats completely lifeless but looks human. I’d still like to try it out though and the only thing stopping me from getting one of these is the price tag. They are pretty damn expensive so if someone out there wants to get me one feel free to volunteer 🙂

You might think Im a weirdo now, but really.. I think most of you would wouldnt mind fucking these:
Real Doll Real Doll Real Doll

Fuck the doll boobs!

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9 comments on “Is It Wrong To Fuck A Doll?”

  1. SteveO says:

    Much much do these dolls run for? and what can they do? what are they made of?

  2. Anonymous says:

    there made of silicone and from what i hear they almost real .THEY run for around $6,000

  3. ano says:

    its like necrophilia

  4. GS says:

    Yeh, I’d give it a go. I mean. it would’nt classify as true infidelity would it? Only, I would like some fuller figure, cuvier ones and then I would dress them up a bit. You know, if you’re gonna be a pervert, do it properly!

  5. ianb says:

    Damn, I could do rape scenes, bondage, some awesome stuff on the hood of my car. Those tits make me want to cream her good, and she doesn’t talk endlessly.


  6. annoynous says:

    they have better ones at if your ok with asians. smaller tits though

  7. Nebula says:

    i wonder if the bounce? anyways i’d like to try

  8. lisa says:

    my boyfriend got me one, it was.

  9. Jonazz says:

    HOLY TITZ !! those doll looks tasty LOL (except for the no.1) anyway is battery required ? JK 😀

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