Internet Meltdown!! – Lindsay Lohan Goes Topless!!

We have seen nipslips, vagina and buttcracks but nothing compares to a real photoshoot. All New York magazine had to do was to mention Lindsay’s idol Marilyn Monroe and ask if she would like to re-create her famous photoshoot. She has glorious titties! Lindsay that is.

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39 comments on “Internet Meltdown!! – Lindsay Lohan Goes Topless!!”

  1. TomVeil says:

    I tip you to this yesterday and not only do you not thank me, you don’t allow my post about it…not cool dude.

  2. Dave says:

    This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen……. so much waiting, no disappointment…… ok scarlett johansson, your turn.

  3. Niklas says:

    1. All comments with a link in it is automatically held for a review and I havent done any comment reviews today so I still havent seen your comment. In other words, I got the pics somewhere else.
    2. If you have any tips then pls send it to my e-mail. By the time I see the comment tips I almost always have seen the content before.

    Soooo.. No malicious plan was aimed towards you 🙂

  4. Wiseone says:

    she has some damn fine tits, nice work Niklas

  5. gimmerihanna says:

    Boy! is she sexy or what!!!

  6. Mik says:

    Christ. That was worth the wait. O.O

  7. Jugdish says:

    WOW. Say what you want about her “issues,” but good christ that’s a body that just won’t quit.

  8. james says:

    yeah. if you like nasty freckles and saggy tits, then you like lindsay lohan.
    honestly, you’re drooling over her because she’s lindsay lohan and you just think it’s hot that she finally let her tits out. that’s what happens when you stop getting movie jobs because you are a drugged out whore. get over it people. there are no-name chicks posted on this site who are 363245x hotter than this bitch.

  9. kanel says:

    saggy tits? what world do you live in? go hump a real-doll silicone freak.

  10. Drendar says:

    Wow… ok, you know, since I was expecting the Marilyn Monroe Shoot Style I kinda wanted the one Playboy did…

    perhaps she’ll appear there next.

  11. dark_gothik says:

    i have bin waiting since me and lindsay were both underage for this. i am so happy.

  12. dark_gothik says:

    james is a fag ,lindsay is one of the hottsst and freckles are sexy as hell

  13. tc says:

    So what. See what a really good stylist and photographer can do?
    She’s looks older than Marilyn ever did. Much harder looking. MM is one of a kind. Give it up.

  14. Michael says:

    Marilyn died 6 weeks after that photoshoot… out Lindsay. 🙂

  15. nats says:

    haha tom got owned

    nice body

  16. kevin says:

    saggy tits? Those are totaly not saggy their perfect.So james if you want 100% silicons go to another site and complain about natural tits.

  17. John Talarico says:

    I’m actually kinda disappointed, her tits looked bigger in pics with her top on. But her body is still pretty nice.

  18. cdn7 says:

    She does have nice tits but I’m gonna have to agree with james… check out all those freckles! It’s almost hard to distinguish nipples from freckles! If she wasn’t such a scandalous celebrity these pics would mean nothing. If someone had no clue who she was then she’d only appear to be some girl with a webcam trying to make it in the world, there definitely are hotter girls out there than her.

  19. yutakahou says:

    I wish there is more clear picture that shows her nipple and bushes.
    A lot of them is still hiding under those garment.
    But thanks for posting.

  20. d says:

    definatly worthwile to see but nothing worth jerkin it to just nice to see and then never bother to look at again

  21. k says:

    i wonder how much they had to pay her for this

  22. Hugh G. Rekshin says:

    I’ve seen bigger lumps in oatmeal…

  23. Alan says:

    Proof that there is a God

  24. mzinger says:

    Not a fan of the freckles

  25. american gangster says:

    im gonna have to go ahead and disagree with that not jerkin thing.

  26. barry says:

    TomVeil, I just wanted to point out, a tip probably was not needed for this! It’s one of the biggest stories out there.

  27. Lilophobe says:

    Firstly, tits like that are huge for a girl with a junkie-esque skinny body like hers. Secondly, I admit she looks ridiculously over freckled in a white studio with 20 lights on her….. but just imagine what she’d look like in your skanky dark bedroom in your mother’s basement. Lets all just enjoy the pics, beat off and move on.

  28. HPKG says:

    I don’t know what you people see in her? What a minger!

  29. Adam says:

    Gotta print some of these off and go…

  30. james says:

    yup that’s right. because i don’t think that lindsay lohan is hot, i obviously like fake tits. stop being ignorant and open your eyes to the freckly bitch who you only like because she’s famous. in the first picture, it’s easy to see the saggyness. imagine those things ten years from now. you can bet it won’t be pretty.

  31. Someone says:

    Right now they are great tits, but marilyn monroe was a hell of a lot better looking.

  32. todd says:

    Man, just imagine how awesome these photos would have been before Lindsay started hitting the coke :(. Still nice tits though.

  33. Dave says:

    This is the greatest thing to happen to the internet, ever.

  34. george says:

    She has the worst looking skin i’ve EVER seen. I don’t understand how anybody would like that type of skin. YUCK.

  35. jonny says:

    sorry but this is an insult to Marilyn. Rest in peace Marilyn. I agree with george, she does have bad skin.

  36. Jon H says:

    I have to agree with the minority. I think its just an infatuation our culture has with celebrities, leading us to think she’s hot and that it is a big deal now that her clothes are off, but lets face it..there’s a list of red links on the right side of this web page and at least 90% of them lead to better looking naked women than this.

  37. Sandy Rhe says:

    Dang, she’s in her 20s and already has sagging boobs…. shit! Plus uulike the Real Marlyn M., she’s got a f#$kin straight boyish figure… dang.. where are those curves.

    Sandy R.

  38. JusszMe says:

    I duno why you people hating on James. He knows what hes talking about. These photoz are disgusting, i mean they could of at least photo shopped them to make them look more toned and then they would have been much hotter. LL was not made to be a model clearly, theres no feeling in her face. If she was just another girl there is no way you guys would be jerkin it over her.

  39. The Fondler says:

    Hope to see even more of Lindsay’s freckled funbags!

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