Ice-T With His Wife In A Limo

So, Ice-T is hanging out with his wife Coco in a limo and Coco decides to pull her tits out. That seems perfectly normal to me. I love her slutty vibe.

Coco Coco Coco Coco Coco
Mr. Skin

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11 comments on “Ice-T With His Wife In A Limo”

  1. Sam says:

    i love he how he stares at the camera like he thinks were gonna touch his wife! i wouldnt fucking touch that shes disgusting

  2. Joe says:

    I am so jealous… fo’ real- that chick drives me crazy. I want that so bad!!!

  3. Juan says:

    Plastic boobies slut & drug dealer´s face couple in a limo…good american way of life symbol…what a crap…

  4. Wedge says:

    I didn’t know Ice T liked trannies?!

  5. Aaron says:

    I actually just had my first experience with a girl who had big fake ass tits and I gotta say they are pretty awesome. I mean I love a girl with natural breasts but there is something to be said about tit-fucking rock-hard but still soft fake tits. Too bad her face was so damn ugly I didn’t really want to look down during most of it.

  6. Dave T says:

    Isn’t it lame when you’re reduced to screwing a girl you don’t like to look at?

  7. Edward says:

    This is the kind of girl who’s so over the top slutty that she’s great. She’s disgusting, and I love her. Her boobs are so bursting with fakeness that they’re awesome. They look like they’re about to split open…she probably started as a 32A and is going for the record.

  8. lisa says:

    Yep she’s a dancer too, wow those boobs are fake for sure, but Ice likes them.

  9. Aaron says:

    It’s not really lame… honestly it was pathetic but in my defense I had been drinking and I got to cum on her face (which I love to do, and she even asked me to!).

    And yes I did call her in the morning and I think she’s less interested in seeing me again than I am… I suck but hey at least I got to nut on a big-fake-titted-fake-blonde-haired sluts face… and in the end isn’t that what life is all about?

  10. Randy says:

    Are you sure these pics aren’t photoshopped? I’ve seen these pics and there weren’t any nudes the first time I saw them. But if there real(pun not intended) then NICE FIND!

  11. Code a101 says:

    Ha ha ha ha, What a loser. That bitch just looks pathetic. The worst boob job ever.

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