Gisele Playing with Oil

Not sure what’s going on with Gisele from Got Gisele? Last I heard she got screwed over by the people running her website and she was going to set up a new one but haven’t really seen anything new from her in a long time. Good thing then that she got so much hot old content worth checking out. Like this video of Gisele covering her sexy body with oil!

Video of busty Gisele covered in oil

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10 comments on “Gisele Playing with Oil”

  1. Kl says:

    Omg she is so godly hot. Perfect body if I ever saw one.

  2. mike vick says:

    One of the hottest girls out there.

  3. Yum says:

    What wet dreams are made of.

  4. jugdish says:

    Hot as fuck.

  5. Darkshade says:

    110% fappable.

  6. hamking says:

    I’m pretty I see her on myfreecams

  7. craig says:

    holy shitttt!!

  8. Hockerthot says:


  9. festie says:


  10. Tony says:

    Ughhh, the plastic tits ruin it.

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