Fondling Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Boobs in a Public Movie Theatre!

Rep. Lauren Boebert is an American politician who is currently caught up in a scandal in which she was kicked out of a movie theatre for vaping.. and also because her date was grabbing her boobs during the movie.

29 comments on “Fondling Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Boobs in a Public Movie Theatre!”

  1. mikeroyne says:

    she is a subhuman pile of shit, her voters are even worse. she is pretty hot though, shed be fun to hate fuck, rough up & piss on

    1. Angry Pops says:

      I’ll drink to that

    2. trouble says:

      Shitlib says what?

      1. Al_Anon says:

        You’re the only one who put those four letters together soooo I guess that makes you the shitlib. Congrats!

        1. trouble says:

          That´s the stupidest comment i´ve read online today. Congrats!

    3. The Don says:

      Awwwwww…. poor butt hurt mikey is upset because all the politicians on his side look like Skelator…

    4. Destroyer says:

      you call her subhuman yet you’d do all that to her. spoken like a Democrat.

      1. mikeroyne says:

        this is a common conservative trope. you worthless CHUDs get all bent outta shape when anyone treats you like you treat everyone that isn’t you.
        i really wish covid just killed all the asshole right wingers who are weak ass pissbabies who are scared of masks & vaccines

        1. trouble says:

          You are the full image of everything wrong with people today. A libtard, spewing nothing but bile and hate, calling those on the political opposite a bunch of names, completely oblivious to the fact that he himself is absolutely the worst version of a human being in todays society.
          Truly baffling.

          1. mikeroyne says:

            another common conservative trope is blind hypocrisy. when you worthless pathetic losers commit acts of terror & violence, take away human rights,etc its all good though right? so triggered, you need your widdle safe space? i am done trying to treat the inhuman like human, fuck all of you. i wish you fat gravy seals would rise up. you shits would be tripping over your CPAP hoses & your bitch ass, huge pick up trucks- that compensate for your tiny, useless baby dicks. you gotta realize that nobody is scared of some angry potato in size 52 tactical pants

            i agree with that ugly ass randy the ram looking shit stain marge green. we need a divorce. you vile scum can take the third world red state & go. go be the glorious republic of trumpanistan. you nanoskinned turds can govern yourselves…without all that federal money that comes from blue states & cities. the best part is, without your betters subsidizing you, you will all be eating each other with 8 weeks. then we can spread out. the world would be a better place without you & every other worthless, scared, stupid conservative. die die die

          2. Dood says:

            “trouble,” who won the 2020 presidential election?

            It sure as shit wasn’t your false god, Dim Donald. That seditious bastard lost fair and square.

        2. Hate Democrat Fanatics says:

          Im not American, and can easily see you pathetic scumbag democrat fanatics are the ones turning the country and the rest of the world into a pile of shit.

          What are you even doing here on a titty site , shouldn’t you be salivating over some CP & getting into your Drag costume right about now

    5. Paul says:

      I am with Mr Royne on this one. There is nothing wrong with hating every bone in a woman’s body apart from your own.

    6. Cap'n Jack's Revenge says:

      A piece of duct tape will shut her up. So you can fuck her in peace.

  2. trouble says:

    If she was okay with it, i´d be fondling her aswell, She´s hot AF

  3. lars says:

    She is a wonderful young lady and I am happy for the gentleman who was permitted to cop a feel.

  4. Laurenboobs says:

    lucky guy…from the looks of it the room was dark and no one saw lol

  5. Boris says:

    Pushes his hand into the tit and then gives him a tug. It was natural to her. She’s a freak behind the scenes for sure.

  6. Coyote says:

    A delectable footnote to this incident : Boobert’s date for the musical is a guy who owns and runs a very gay friendly bar that has frequent drag shows. A fact which actually raises her abyssmal political values rating a notch , IMHO.

    1. HogSplittin says:

      You’re absolutely right. I’m surprised the hypocritical, conservative idiots haven’t attacked you yet lol

      1. trouble says:

        As if the libdems aren´t just as fucking hypocritical. EVERY POLITICIAN IS A HYPOCRITE YOU DUNSE!

        1. James Raser says:

          No, just the ones you like.

  7. Paul says:

    Lauren Boebert sounds like a right wing, gun toting piece of shit.

    I would still pump her up the arse….if she came to England…..I ain’t visiting that shithole America for nothing!

  8. HogSplittin says:

    She’s definitely hot. She fits right in with her demographic of conservative rednecks who value a nice pair of tits that they can fondle more than general political policy or ideology

    1. trouble says:

      Better than the Democrat soy boys who can´t figure out which pronouns they want to force everyone else to use, what gender they are and who they want to bang.

      Yeah, what horrible conservative men they are!

      1. mikeroyne says:

        tiny conservative piss baby triggered by pronouns. you losers are subhuman garbage

        1. Alan says:

          lol calm down bot

  9. waiting says:

    how long is it gonna take the internet to notice where her right hand is??

  10. Laurenstits says:

    I’d have gone under the clothing why waste time touch bra lame. nice huge tits tho

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