Fleshlight Launches Quick Shot Automatic Masturbator with a Funny Video!

Fleshlight has just launched their brand new automatic masturbator called Quick Shot and they are presenting it with a pretty funny video:

This looks like an amazing piece of technology! Up to 250 strokes per minute (which means that the average session will be about 15 seconds) with a smartphone holder so you can view Boobie Blog while it works your dick.

Here are some more fun facts from their press release:

– Completely hands-free so you can scroll through pics, find videos or watch a live cam show while getting pleasure
– Four different speed settings
– See through material for visual stimulation
– Runs for 60-minutes on a single charge + allows use while battery is charging

So, who will be first person to get through a 60-minute session at 250 strokes per minute without cumming?

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Live on Cam RIGHT NOW:

2 comments on “Fleshlight Launches Quick Shot Automatic Masturbator with a Funny Video!”

  1. Al_Anon says:

    Nope. Not gunna stick my dick in that thing. Ain’t happening.

  2. Deewok says:

    Reminds me too much of a blender imo…

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