Have you guys heard of eighty83three? They are a group of hot Australian chicks who got “famous” online for making prank videos. They especially got known for their pussy slap prank:

And now they are YouTube stars with a whole crew following them around and stuff. It’s pretty fun. Here’s a compilation video with more pranks:

Live Cam Girls:

10 comments on “Eighty83Three!”

  1. Deewok says:

    I know I moan at everyone else for being negative…
    But I think you need to be under 30 to find that fake stuff funny…
    And since I’m an auld fart I don’t.. .😬😓

  2. Al_Anon says:

    I’m not big on pranking, but I don’t think most of that even counts as a prank. Aren’t pranks supposed to involve being tricked? Like filling a water bottle with vinegar. Or slapping a bunch of stick-on bullet holes onto their car. This is just being a dick to people.

    It didn’t scream fake to me though. Wouldn’t surprise me if it is but it seems like it could be on the level too. I’m not so old as to forget how stupid people can be when they’re teens/early 20s.

  3. Carew says:

    These chicks are not only gorgeous but they’re awesome pranksters

  4. Tom says:

    This is as creative as the young generation gets? Jesus Christ, nothing but a bunch of idiot girls acting like morons. Best of luck world, if this is our future, we are screwed.

  5. anon says:

    I hope they get aids and die

  6. m says:

    this is without a doubt fake, for starters no one would jump that much just from a car horn, also the thumbnail was clearly staged as she’s way more covered in paint in it than she was in the video so she clearly wasn’t as mad they tried to make out

  7. TheyShouldDoPorn says:

    Why aren’t these sIuts in porn? I need to beat my meat.

  8. xxx says:

    the next PORNstar

  9. Adam says:

    Seriously, three high maintenance immature slags. Imagine the poor fuck that marries one of these.

  10. Jon Stone says:

    Puerile at best.
    shoulda left it the second or first video.
    limited, boring after two vids or less
    typical unemployable moneyed ares wholes
    even their friends are TOTALLY OVER it

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