Denise Milani Nipple Flash!

You remember Denise Milani right? The busty woman who drove us all insane because she refused to go topless. She stopped modeling a long time ago, but I just came across this GIF and feel that it needs to be posted for some sort of closure.

Let’s just hope its not a fake.

Live on Cam RIGHT NOW:

6 comments on “Denise Milani Nipple Flash!”

  1. munson says:

    Holy shit?!! Finally!! Thank you Mr. Boobie Blog!!

  2. Memesmo says:

    Unhappily yes, it’s fake. Look at 2:35

  3. the panda says:

    Calling it as a fake. There is a video over on spankbank here which is as clos to see-through as she has done and the nipples don’t “line up” imho.

  4. supersevenn says:

    yep fake, ive been waiting years for her to finally go topless. one day……one day

  5. Phat Mike says:

    fake. nips look CGI!

  6. Have An Affair says:

    Fake but SPECTACULAR……

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