19 comments on “Denise Milani Getting Dirty”

  1. yoav says:

    Dirty, but not naked.


  2. killa says:

    when is she going to get nude??????????

  3. DW says:

    I think she hasn’t stripped because for the entire length of her “career”, she has always claimed to be all-natural. I think if that bowling-ball-sack of a bra was taken off, we’d see ring-around-the-areola and/or horrendous stretch marks. I wish her and Gemma would drop off the scene if they aren’t gonna take it all off, or at the very least, get topless. Still stuns me that Denise has a pay-site that she never sppears nude in. Amazing.

  4. Dicky says:

    THe words “cock” and “tease” spring to mind

  5. Ukie53 says:

    It’s youtube…it’s nothing…..OK, you got ’em, lets see’em!

  6. badboy says:

    I don’t care if they are real or not. I’ve got a massive boner right now thanks to Denise.

  7. Stuart says:

    Naked tits are shown everywhere, I like the fact that she is a tease. Don’t get me wrong seeing those puppies free to the wind would be nice but right now I like the fact that she covers them up. With several million girls out there showing their nipples or ready to I find it refreshing that she does not

  8. DW says:

    Stuart, no disrespect intended, but you would be in the minority on a site called Boobie Blog. This site is not called Bikini Blog, or Cleavage Blog. The fact that she charges a membership for a non-nude site is ridiculous in my opinion. And the funny thing is, I have seen sites like that popping up more often here lately. People nowadays seem content to pay more for less, every day. /sigh

  9. yoav says:

    This is quite a philosophical discussion you guys are having here..

  10. tnt says:


    THAT’S THE EVIDENCE: http://www.boobpedia.com/boobs/Denise_Milani


  11. SadClown says:

    The Philosophical Question here is “does a boob have a nipple if you can’t see it?”

    I would say that, as long as it is in the bra, it both has and doesn’t have a nipple.

    Like schrodinger’s cat but with boobs. Philosophy is awesome.

  12. Stuart says:

    None taken DW I get that I am in the minority on this site it is just a personal opinion i don’t need to see her nipples and am fine with what she does.

  13. Someone needs to get her to pose for Mystique Magazine

  14. William says:

    Stuart is gay

  15. Dr. Lizardo says:

    She’s really pissing me off. Take off the goddamned top already! She’s only famous for her boobs, but she doesn’t want to show them. I am in agreement with DW about non-nude paysites; people who subscribe to them are suckas!

    Demand more for your money! We should start a petition to make her take it off.

  16. killa says:

    her and Gemma and Gemma is way hotter IMO and has an amazing body and boobs

  17. earlvegas says:

    She doesn’t give a crap about some basement dwellers wanting her to take her top off.

    And that “proof” on Boobpedia is ridiculous. Take a look at other photos from SbB.

  18. razia says:

    know this is going to hated…but i am glad they are in her bra.she’s got the most pathetic proportions in the world. there is a huge possibility that if she lets them out i’ll feel disgusted towards big boobs for life!

  19. Buck says:

    I’m with earlvegas on the basement-dwellers tip.

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