4 comments on “Cristy Ren and Her Impressive Cleavage!”

  1. James Raser says:

    this is obviously not a real person but an AI creation

  2. Me says:

    I was also thinking she looks like an AI, but I can’t say exactly why. There’s just something a little uncanny valley about her. But on the other hand, there are a lot of actual humans who look like they’re from the uncanny valley these days.

    1. mikeroyne says:

      the usual surgeries & photoshop?

  3. OH Dear says:

    2021 Russian super model Kristina Alexandrovna is doing nude photo shoots for various studios and guys are saying she is incredible and has a amazing body 😍.

    2024 she now goes by the name of Cristy Ren and that she is not a real person and is AI generated 🤔 🤣.

    Tiktok @cristy.ren

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