12 comments on “Crazy Couple Having Sex In A Car..”

  1. John Talarico says:

    OK, that’s just dangerous, they could’ve killed other people doing stupid stuff like that.

  2. bigbear says:

    that would be the best crime scene EVER

  3. Edward says:

    Well, it’s better than having to ride 500 miles with some annoying chick who drives you nuts the whole trip talking about stupid chick stuff. I’m just saying…

  4. whoopster says:

    god thats dangerous

  5. Anthony says:

    That’s actually quite impressive.

  6. Stephane says:

    This is frecking dangerous……they didn’t even use a condom 🙂

  7. ClubMaster says:

    That’s dangerous…but hot as hell! Wow!

  8. celeb_jacker says:

    Love those huge bouncy titties!

  9. dogs says:

    thats just freakin awesome, sex whilt stationary, good. sex whilst doen 100kms… brilliant.

  10. vinch says:

    vraiment ridicule…

  11. kellen says:

    This should be a car ad. I’d buy one. Does the hood ornament cum standard?

  12. Mynameisnictoo says:

    How dangerously stupid, if i had sex while driving i would definetly have a condom. But then again, driving while getting pussy… doesnt seem safe either does it?

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