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So, if you read my post yesterday regarding My Free Implants you know that I will be posting girls who would like a donation so they can get larger breasts.

Well, the first one up is a cute girl named Colleen!
I’m Colleen, a 21 year old full time college student who is also employed fulltime. I work extremely hard and have no way to fund my boobjob personally, so I’ve joined up with My Free Implants to hopefully achieve
my dream. I’ve always been lacking up top and I’m hoping that there are a few people out there who are willing to help me achieve my dream of finally having boobs. I don’t want to be Pamela Anderson big, just proportionate to my body and enough to give me a boost of self-confidence, what’s not to like about a girl who is confident? Please check me out at

Alright guys, if you want to help this cute girl get bigger boobs then go over to her profile and donate a couple of bucks!

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9 comments on “Colleen – My Free Implants”

  1. R. says:

    She’s beautiful. The last thing she should be concerned about is
    her chest size. Breasts are great in all sizes…until their rubber.
    And I think her body is quite perportionate. I couldn’t help with
    her finances even if I tried. I’m being smothered in my own.

  2. Jeff says:

    I refuse to support her getting bigger boobs!! That girl is amazing how she is! Stupid media and thier stupid influance! I hope this girl reconsiders her choice because, damn, that would be a waste of a perfectly awesome looking girl.

  3. CD says:

    Did anybody subscribe to see if there are nude photos of her? She is incredible and probably worth the $9.95 subscription. Let me know.

  4. Niklas - Owner says:

    CD, you can always sign up for free and send her a message and ask. You can send a message without being a paying member for like one dollar.

  5. CD says:

    Unfortunately, somebody ripped me off using Paypal so my account is negative. Since that’s the only way to pay I guess I’ll just have to dream.

  6. Joe says:

    You dont need bigger boobs!!!!
    in fact,
    i think it would TAKE AWAY from your fantastic body.
    don’t get bigger boobs and do guys like me a favor

  7. ric says:

    fakes tits should be outlawed

  8. steve taylor says:

    please dont get silicone bb
    you are incredible
    dont believe anyone who says anything else

  9. woohoo says:

    DONT DO IT!!! you have boobs already… big ones look annoying to me anyway and obviously not natural

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