23 comments on “Classic Playboy – Suzen Johnson”

  1. corpse says:

    This is definitely a classic shoot. I always figured she would make the blog someday!

  2. Roberto says:

    I vividly remember buying that edition, and I saved it for years. She is unreal.

  3. festie says:

    another great oppertunity for video playboy dropped the ball on. yes this was actually better then the morgana the kissing bandit pictorial. has that been postedon this site?

  4. Not only props to Playboy for adding her to the list of the “older” women gang(Diane Parkinson, Jessica Hahn, etc) but this was one of the last hurrahs of Hef’s open mindedness to shooting full figured women as well.

    It’s a damn shame these days that Playboy now insistently looks for skinnier and way younger ladies to shoot. There are some very hot 30,40 year olds out there for the taking!

  5. bah says:

    she looks very similar to vikki lamotta, boxer jake lamotta’s ex wife, who posed in playboy at age 51.

    and looked fucking hot.

  6. BWSH123 says:

    Wow holy shit! She is hot!

    1. Frank says:

      She is one hot looking lady!!!

  7. HawaiianPunch says:

    I remember this issue! Just an awesome looking women. I see why Frank strayed.

  8. Phil Mc Cracken says:

    Amazingly hot.
    Whatever happened to her?
    Are there any recent photos around?

  9. McFly says:

    Love the 90’s tanlines!! (For real)

  10. Georgia97 says:

    Where is our “Today in Boobs!”….?

  11. wallhanger says:

    Wow!, those are some nice titties! Nips are still pink at that age? Not a bad ass either. I bet ol’ Frank waxed it pretty good. I’ve always been jealous of that guy…

  12. Dark_gothik says:

    Kathie lee is hotter

    1. Woody says:

      You must be Stevie Wonder…

      1. Don P says:

        They’d ALL look the same to him,even 8 years ago……exactly like they do today.

  13. Phil Mc Cracken says:

    Nobody knows where this chick is at now?
    BTW, Kathy Lee is pretty stacked too!

  14. Edward says:

    Stone cold gorgeous.

  15. Frank says:

    She was AWESOME!!

  16. Lefty says:

    I remember jacking off looking at Suzen’s big tits and shooting my load it was great!

  17. Lefty says:

    Nothing like a pair of hangers they look great and when she she shakes those melons you know the beauty of natural big tits

  18. righty says:

    love to jackoff to those tits for hours ,then i shoot a huge load of cum , dick stays hard then i do it again. ,i can dream of sucking those tits and then fuck her ,,,damn i got to pump my dick some more ,my balls are hurting got to shoots some more cum, ,,,,mmmmm it feels good

  19. sweetthing says:

    hey you guys like to look ,so do some of girls , those tits and her view of her pussy laying on her side makes my pussy so wets and i have to rub one out too., i come to this site often to get off on those babes with great tits and ass ,

  20. frank says:

    nice body.

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