Christina Model

Im sure most of you has seen at least a couple of photos or videos of Christina Model who has become something of an internet phenomenon. No wonder since she is stacking all natural 34DDD boobs! I havent really been able to find any sort of information on her unfortunatley so if someone knows her age etc etc then feel free to contact me! I’ll be adding some more photos and videos of this busty babe in the future.

Christina Christina Christina Christina Christina Christina Christina

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  1. Erk! says:

    Her name is Christina Lucci (at least that’s her stage name) and she’s 21 years old. She lives in Florida and ironically wants to be a dancer when she grows up.

  2. djdannyp says: is her website

    she’s recently done a topless underwater shoot which is HOTT and there are a few video bloopers around where her nips have slipped out. check out her pal too

  3. SadClown says:

    As far as boob slips (this is too much boob to be a mere nip slip) check out:

  4. holy shit! says:

    She’s definitely hot, but man she can’t dance. The same move over and over and over. Nice tits, but not sexy. Know what I mean?

  5. wildman_trucker says:

    you are a fine lookin woman and you have beautiful boobs

  6. John says:

    Okay here’s some info I found on Christina Model, the source is Wiki Answers.
    As of February 2011 she is 25 years old. –
    She was born in New Jersey –
    She began modeling ( non nude ) at age 15 in 2001 –
    She goes by the professional name of Christina Lucci.
    I hope this info helps you guys.

  7. Juan Carlos says:

    Christina soft porn starlet days are numbered, certainly her better days are behind her. She started as a young teenager (rumor has it she was 15) and as she got older began to loose luster.

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