Christina Hendricks Wins Another Emmy Award (In My Mind)

Just like at the 62nd annual Emmy Awards Christina Hendricks looked stunning at the 63rd annual Emmy Awards, which took place last night. She may not have won an actual statue this time either but to me she will always be the chesty winner as long as she wears dresses like this!

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Busty Christina HendricksBusty Christina HendricksBusty Christina HendricksBusty Christina HendricksBusty Christina HendricksBusty Christina HendricksBusty Christina Hendricks

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5 comments on “Christina Hendricks Wins Another Emmy Award (In My Mind)”

  1. bwsh123 says:

    Hottest, classiest woman in Hollywood. Hands down.

  2. Lance burton says:

    I’m gonna go out on a limb, and say she probably doesnt look as good without that power girdle.

  3. Cooltall1mke says:

    If I was a voter, I would vote for her series for nothing else but to see her bouncy walk to the stage to accept it. I agree, sexiest hands down. No one can dispute that rack of hers…

  4. Me says:

    She’s obviously super sexy…but I’m kind of feeling all Denise Milani’d about her lately. I’m getting bored just looking at the cleavage all the time. I need more! I NEED MORE!

    Sorry, got a little crazy there for a second.

  5. Aaron says:

    Men going mad over those big ones. Look at how big and huge they are. At least FF tits. Mad and crazy men want tear those terrific treats straight off of her and kick them into the corner and just fucking look at them. All bruised up and bloody. Just rampage on them. Agh. Guys everywhere have got to do that thing to her and the mountains of Don Draper redhead sex piles. Sterling Coop-her straight into the garbage barrel and kick that all the way down the stairs. All flights. Tear open her skull and penor sex her brain holes. Sex violence! Horror sex in her randy andy (butthole).

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