Chloe Vevrier’s Victorian Boobs

Here’s Chloe Vevrier as a Victorian lady and she really looks like she could be from that time period. I don’t know if Victorian ladies really had mega cleavage on display at all times but that’s what I learned from watching movies and if there is anyone who can do fantastic cleavage its Chloe Vevrier!

Pictures from: Chloe Vevrier

Chloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is busty

The official site of the legendary Chloe Vevrier and her huge tits!

Chloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is bustyChloe Vevrier is busty

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8 comments on “Chloe Vevrier’s Victorian Boobs”

  1. I Just Ejaculated Everywhere says:

    That’s not Victorian.

    I’m no history buff but it looks Georgian to me.

    Seriously, the Victorian period heralded the industrial revolution and is characterised as a departure from the lavish excess we see above.

    It might not be Georgian but it sure as hell isn’t Victorian.

  2. yeti says:

    I would’ve guessed Georgian or Rococo. Glad I wasn’t the only one.

    But lavish excess? No…

  3. dood says:

    It’s the Titslian era.

  4. kama says:

    one of the nicer sets i’ve seen of her in a long time

  5. Papoace says:

    Wow ! Luv the hugh tits

  6. Johnny says:

    Oh my Fcuking God!!!! Talk about MASSIVE!!!! Jesus Christ. Just imagine squirting your spunk between them….. Aah god, I want her to give me a titwank….. My fella is different UP for it… But I think I will only have to dream about as I go and wank myself off…..

  7. Mark says:

    During the (long) Victorian era there was indeed plenty of lavish excess, especially in dress, ornamentation and decor. The era was characterised by an eventual over-abundance of detail. The dress could certainly be of mid-Victorian vintage, although the wig perhaps makes one think more of Marie Antoinette, which maybe creates a visual paradox. Nothing confusing about how gorgeous Chloe looks though, a superb set!

  8. Cess Ukit says:

    This is not Victorian style but rather the style, and era, of 16th century Marie Antoinette; the Dauphine/Queen of France.

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