14 comments on “Chloe Vevrier in a Green Dress”

  1. r says:

    She looks great in these photos. Better than I’ve ever seen her.

  2. ac3boy says:

    All I see are photoshop brush strokes.

  3. morrdigan says:

    I guess I don’t mind the photoshop on some things. It is completely overdone sometimes but I have seen Chloe without touch ups and she is still just as hot! And look at all the hate for girls when there is no photoshop. Read the Arianny Celeste candid comments for a great example. Love me some Chloe!

  4. Me says:

    I would like to have sex with her.

  5. Fred says:

    Clicking on boobs and getting a large pop-up of cocks is the opposite of why I come here. Oh, she has big boobs.

  6. Vernon says:

    Nothing but sheer greatness

  7. Shaddup says:

    Her face looks bizarre in that last pic (and others), completely amateur touch ups.

  8. anonymous says:

    One of my all time favourite sets of her.

  9. Clemofski says:


    Yeah, it’s freaking me out now. She looks perfectly fine when you see video footage of her at conventions, and the body is as amazing as ever. These photos, from the neck up, make her look like a face on the moon that you might see in a cartoon or video game. :s

  10. earlvegas says:

    I don’t get the airbrushing either. She looks great in vids. Too self-conscious I guess.

  11. Dito69 says:

    The photoshop guy needs to brush out the photoshop program from his computer cause he SUCKS!….

  12. fister says:

    What a woman woouw – I am impressed.

  13. titsandstuff says:

    The magic is that not only does she have huge tits, but she knows how to pose sexy constantly. The energy comes off the camera.

    She looks good without the retouch, but whatcha gonna do

  14. Richard says:

    One of the sexiest women I have ever seen

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