Chelsea Charms Meet Her Fans

Hmm.. Chelsea Charms is that girl that makes everyone go “OMG!! THATS GOTTA BE PHOTOCHOP!!!” when they see her picture. Its not photoshop, her boobs are actually this big…. which proves that bigger isnt always better.. even when it comes to boobs.
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8 comments on “Chelsea Charms Meet Her Fans”

  1. ukie53 says:

    Please….more booobage

  2. D.S. says:

    well, i’m sure she’s as fun to be around as anyone else, but holy crap.

  3. beejam says:

    don’t know why everyone rags on chelsea charms so much. Anyone who claims they would turn her down if she offered them a shag is probably just lying to sound good in front of women: “oh look at me I don’t like breasts that much, I’m such a sensitive guy, me.”. like anyone would turn down the opportunity to have a tit wank from her.

  4. Sad Clown says:

    Best thing? Her breasts are still growing. No kidding. She has a kind of implant that continues to grow over time.

  5. z says:

    Beejam, you’re an idiot. I personally don’t see why a woman would implant something like that in herself. She looks like a cute girl. But those boobs…. They’re gross!

  6. z says:

    Think about whats inside them… Wikipedia says her boobs are 10 liters EACH. And its all body fluid. Like 1000 bees each stung her boobs and here’s the resulting swelling.

    I’m sure she’s a perfectly nice woman. Its just…. WHY GOD WHY?!?!?!

    The only good thing about it (superficially) is I bet she has a nice ass from having to carry around all that luggage.

  7. beejam says:

    and z has proved my point nicely by calling me an idiot for being honest 😉
    Chelsea, or most other women, i would hardly be likely to turn down for superficial reasons (I’m not prejudiced against people for their looks whether they look like that by their own choosing or not).
    Another thing I’ve noticed is there is a lot of prejudice out there against people with natural big breasts too, a lot of which seems to come from jealous people or men trying to appear ‘sensitive’ in front of a potential partner who may have smaller breasts, not realizing that they are mixing up being sensitive and being bitchy.

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