7 comments on “Catholic High School Girls In Trouble – Trailer”

  1. Oz says:

    Classic scene from one very funny movie! There’s also a great scene at the end with a couple getting in on in front of the TV News.

  2. dumdum says:

    First time I saw this movie I was completley mesmorized by Uschi tits…..OHHH Yeaaaa!!!

  3. Mark says:

    Excellent movie and most excellent clip,Bravo!

  4. crispy says:

    so who is shower tits girl?

  5. dumdum says:

    She is Uschi Digard… She was big in the 70’s

  6. happydoctor says:

    can some one help me…about where can i download this complete movie..or buy it … its looks really awesome movie

  7. Bill says:

    happydoctor, if you’re still looking for it, it’s a scene from a skit movie called Kentucky Fried Movie. I think either Hollywood Video or Blockbuster carries it. But that’s the only thing you’ll see from CHSGIT, it was a fictional movie in the movie.

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