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BangBros Submits $10 Million Bid to Name the Miami Heat Arena!

BangBros has announced their bid for naming rights of the former American Airlines Arena — home of the NBA’s Miami Heat — offering $10 million in their proposal!

The name? BangBros Center (The BBC), which is hilarious because most NBA players are large black men with presumably BBC’s as well. I doubt this would ever happen no matter how much money BangBros offered, but I definitely hope it will! You can read more about the proposal at

Make it happen! Also, the Toronto Raptors are the champions.

BangBros Center

Sabers Edge
Sabers Edge
Brand new and immersive adult gaming experience comes from Nutaku with the launch of a new simulation; SinVR!

The 3D FREE-TO-PLAY game is compatible with Windows desktop computers, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift VR headsets. In the game, you get to enter a world inhabited by hot women dressed in arousing cosplay outfits and be taken on a magical journey. Using upgrades, players can mix-and-match the woman they fancy with any sex position and satisfy their desires with a mesmerizing 3D experience unlike any other!

SinVR features AI-driven behaviors, dozens of different sex positions with 200 girl-sex scene combinations and a growing library of starlets that can be used with any scene.