Brittany’s Bod 100% Exposed

In my last Brittany’s Bod post I was talking about her site being sold and upgraded etc but little did I know back then that Brittany is now doing full nude shoots as well.

We all know that nude shoots is the gateway drug into hardcore porno, so Im looking forward to see Brittany banged on film. Even though I think Brittany had great boobs she’s not hot enough to just be a nude model.

Pictures from: Brittany’s Bod

Brittany's Bod is very nakedBrittany's Bod is very nakedBrittany's Bod is very nakedBrittany's Bod is very nakedBrittany's Bod is very nakedBrittany's Bod is very nakedBrittany's Bod is very nakedBrittany's Bod is very naked

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9 comments on “Brittany’s Bod 100% Exposed”

  1. Brian says:

    jeeeeeesus – PERFECT girl next door look. wow – i love how her breasts are ever-so-slightly uneven. damn, that’s a pair of nats 😀

  2. martain says:

    Very sexy and body….right ON~~!!

  3. AshleySkyy says:

    I like her. Her boobies are the way real boobies are supposed to be. She’s really sweet too!

  4. andrew says:

    She’s hot enough

  5. smith duglas says:

    the sexist thing i’v ever seen!

  6. Edward says:

    Her boobs are a pair of 10’s on a scale of 1 to 10. The rest of her is a bit lacking, with the shapeless hips and legs. She’s kind of cute. I agree with Niklas, she needs to take it to the next level if she’s not going to put in some time at the gym to firm up the bottom half. Hers isn’t the kind of body I’d say “oooh, can’t wait for more pics of that!” about.

  7. Lucifa42 says:

    Looks like she’s lost some weight since her early pics on her site, losing those lovely curves she had 🙁

  8. asadachi says:

    She’s OK…she lives here in Houston. I met her at my friend Austin’s party a while back. She’s alright, kinda loud too. If you read this Brittney, Austin’s dad is named Bob. They live in Spring Branch. He and I were tending to the bar-b-que. Remember?

  9. some dude says:

    Brittanys Bod is going to be in Penthouse. Got the news from one of her friends. I actually ran into her at a dive bar called Mikes Place a long time ago. I didn’t know she had her own site when I met her, but my friends quickly let me know.

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