Brazilian Nipple Slip

Tonight is the World Championship Qualifications in soccer. Ofcourse Im rooting for Sweden to beat Hungary! Ive loaded up with beer and chips, so all I need is a victory and the night should be complete. To set everyone in the mood for a great soccer evening I found this photo taken at a Brazil game. The chick is pretty hot and got a real nice rack 🙂 unless she’s a tranny.. then I take all that back.

Soccer Boob

10 comments on “Brazilian Nipple Slip”

  1. Thrawn says:

    That is why I loved living in South America. Everyone there is great. This chick is on the average side in comparison to the rest, and for us, she’ hot…

  2. tid seak mai says:

    Oh yeah!!! Very fun in world cup

  3. Anonymous says:

    that gay i seen bigger

  4. Anonymous says:

    I want to lick them up and down

  5. Anonymous says:

    Got any more?

  6. D says:

    youre a fucking white demon. shes a fine ass brazilian woman with nice tits. youre fucking MOTHER is a ‘tranny’. that dorky ass white chump next to her is gay… not OMG.. theyre just tits.. white faggot ass chumps. you no dick whiteboys are fucking scared of tits or something. you loser ass no dick white demons.

    breasts are a beautiful and pleasant and good gift of God. all other races are excited and attracted to breasts, not scared like you fucking white demons. I love women and breasts and I appreciate women, and all people by Gods grace. Jesus Christ is Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace. but you white demons are fucking pathetic. LOSERS.

    dont fear tits, morons. love and appreciate them by Gods grace. FEAR GOD. Only God is Worthy to be feared. Only God has the Power to Put in Heaven or Hell. Fear God. I fear God, by His grace, and Im not afraid of anything or anybody else, by His grace. Jesus Christ is Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace. We fear God, by His grace. and we dont have to be afraid of anything or anybody else by His grace. Jesus Christ is Almighty God manifest in the flesh, and He saves by His grace.

  7. Big Bone says:

    If I was their I would gotten a boner so big that I would have unzip my pants. This Brazilian mami is a goddess. OHHHHWEEE I want to lick dose tittes so BAD

  8. haha name says:

    haha i love places like this so i can see who perves on a nice set of tits 😉 dont ge me rong a nice rack is a nice rack but pla go to red tube free full vids of some of the hotest porn o’s evea so dont blog goo see it 4 your self hehe. or be in a porn and due some thing in your life. haha the teen above me need to chill go get lade its not that hard in cali haha chicks or so fucking loose down here.

  9. haha name says:

    were due you think all this vida are taken lol.

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