Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes

The winner has been decided! Lucy Pinder and Keeley Hazell are most definatley two of the most popular models on Boobie Blog and they had a fierce battle for over a week. There can only be one queen of the British Isles and that queen is to be revealed:

*drum roll*

after these commercials!
No, really.. the winner of the first Boobie Blog Boobie Battle with 55% of the votes are:
Lucy Pinder!

I cant disagree with the winner, she has one of the most perfect racks Ive ever seen. So, did you guys enjoy this Boobie Battle? I’ll be happy to set up more so if you have suggestions for future battles then leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail!

Boobie Battle

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29 comments on “Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes”

  1. yoav says:

    What a sham.. Lucy’s breasts are so average, you see 10 others like her in the st. every day, Kylie (while she is a dumb slut) has totally unique boobs..

    I demand a recount!

  2. jeff says:

    first of all her name is keeley – and secondly i whole heartedly agree that her boobs are unique – this was a boob battle – NOT – a bigness battle – lucys are definately bigger BUT KEELEYS ARE DEFINATELY BETTER !!!!! she still won in my eyes .

  3. Anon-e-mouse says:

    Sigh. Lucy’s boobs just aren’t as good.

  4. Kelly says:

    Keeley’s tits are perfect and they still weren’t good enough to win. Oh well, strange world.

  5. Bat says:

    I dug it Nickolas,
    It was fun to see the progress. But damn, Im kind of disappointed that two of my favorites got voted out so quickly. Im not a Pinder fan at all, she just doesn’t charm me. Rhian Sugden (I spell it wrong Im sure) and Sophie are my favorites and that got squashed!

  6. Drendar says:

    Comments along the lines of “Lucy’s Boobs aren’t as good”

    Yet you still fap to them as much as you do to Keeley, drop it, its getting really old. Lucy Won, there is a reason for it, especially when the votes are THAT CLOSE.

    And before the “Recall” comments start, Oh wait too late, this isn’t florida, this is Boobie Blog!

  7. Jake says:

    I think Lucy’s boobs are perfection. I don’t know whether it is just me but I really dislike Keeley’s nipples, although I am not knocking the fact that she has an amazing body!

  8. UpOnOne says:

    Got to love those British Titties – nice and natural.

  9. steve says:

    i still say Michelle Marsh is better than them both – Pinders boobs are over rated

  10. Master Orion says:

    Lucy all the way. I’m more of a brunette man anyway. Also, a suggestion for future battles is perhaps stage battles for different countries or perhaps one on an international scale. Or both, different countries with their own boobie battles all aiming to represent their countries in the Boobie Olympics!

  11. Corey says:

    I voted for Keeley.. I think she has the best tits by far not to mention the best overall body! And to justify my case, here are some newer pics of Lucy and Sophie howard on the beach… by looking at these pics i dont see how it wasnt Sophie vs Keeley in the final..

    editor: link removed

  12. Russ says:

    keeley’s tits are perfect

  13. Stuart says:

    I go with Lucy, though I love Keeley, it is not so much that they are bigger it is that they have the roundedness and pertness (doubt they are even words but what the hey) of implants but are completely natural which is an amazing feat.

    The next step should be a battle of international babes Emily Scott, Eva Wyrwal, Ewa Sonnet, Sofia Vergara, Malene Espensen etc

  14. Wedge says:

    I love people make their claims as if this were an objective and quantifiable contest.

    It’s popular opinion. Sorry, nothing else. More people like Lucy Pinder than Keely.
    I like them both but Lucy just has a sexy face and body to me.

    As far as the contest, I loved it! Please continue do similar battles in the future.

    Lots of fun, even if some people are whiners.

  15. BreastLover says:

    You bitch about someone misspelling a name? You can’t even spell ‘definitely’! And your punctuation is utter shit!

    On topic, Keeley was my choice, but Lucy is no slouch. From the beginning, I had a feeling it would come down to these two. You can’t go wrong with either, Ladies and Gents. 🙂

  16. Quaid says:

    What about a pussy battle?

  17. Soloman Mugabe says:

    I think Lucy’s boobs are great and her body is just perfect for her size then Keeley is perfect too! I would prefer to cum on Lucy’s tits but I would prefer to sleep with Keeley every night 🙂

    Suggestion for next poll – Best of the Black Ho’s! Yo.

  18. razia says:

    so when is the boobie battle coming up? american,brazilan?????

  19. Bildo says:

    Was awesome fun, she probably deserved the win. Its a tough call.

    How about a 3rd/4th play off as well?

    Hope to see one again soon.

  20. Drendar says:

    American or Euro (non-UK) please!

  21. Arthur G Posis says:

    Really enjoyed the voting for each round – I reckon you need to take it to the next stage – Lucy moves on to face international opposition – if you’re feeling very brave – how about an Italian round, French round, spanish round, Polish etc..tho it might be hard to find quality pictures for them. But definitely bring it to a world stage

  22. jeff says:

    breastlover : ( first ) of all , i never bitched about anything , i just spelled her name correctly . ( second ) at least im willing to use my proper first name in my responses ( unlike breast lover ) to whom everyone who clicks on this site is probably a breast lover ( wouldnt you think ) ?? . ( third ) im sorry that i misspelled definitely – it was only by one letter , so please forgive me . ( fourth ) sorry as well about my uttter shitty punctuation . i wrote it very quickly . my sincerest apologies , i think you need to masterbate more and relax , ok there mr. breastlover and lastly, i still think KEELEY has the best tits out there and should have won .

  23. Cypher says:

    Overall I think Keeley is hotter, she has a prettier face and better boobs. Lucy has a better body though. I voted for Keeley but hey, no one can argue the fact that both are amazingly hot.

  24. crispy says:

    allie sin needs to be in the next round

  25. SadClown says:

    I had a great time with this little big boobie battle. I’m ready for your next one! international babes perhaps?

  26. TitAddict says:

    We should have a face-off between Miss Marsh & Miss Howard 2 decide 3rd place. What say??

    P.S. Congrats 2 Lucy darling.

  27. TitAddict a.k.a Deby says:

    Boobie Battle-British Babes has set very high standards. My humble suggestion is that we should have a Boobie Battle between Playboy Playmates so that there is no drop in the level of competition. So then, Mr. Nick,I hope U do the needful.

  28. nats says:

    nice competition but it doesn’t take a poll to change my mind that sam cooke is the best

  29. dean says:

    lucy’s breast are so perfect they look fake! she should be the winner and overall she DOES have a better figure. keeley is so overbrushed and has a FLAT ass and twig legs… they photoshop her to high heaven!

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