Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes

Keeley Hazell easily stepped on Sophie Howard to make it through to the final. She is now facing her arch nemesis Lucy Pinder. This is epic, sort of like an Optimus Prime vs Megatron battle. Keeley Hazell got 2211 votes or 70% and Sophie Howard got 955 or 30%.

Its time to crown the queen of the British boobs. The two contestants doesnt need any introduction so cast your votes! More Lucy pics here and more Keeley pics here

Final Round: FIGHT!


Lucy Pinder vs. Keeley Hazell

Boobie Battle

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21 comments on “Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes”

  1. Anon says:

    Keeley all the way! Lucy’s boobs just look – odd.

  2. MotorboatBrett says:

    Lucy FTW

  3. anon says:

    if by odd you mean amazing then sure…lucy is perfect.

  4. bill&todd says:

    hmmmm undecided..
    lucys boobs vs keeleys amazing body

  5. Brad says:

    Keeley should win, she’s got a sex tape after all!

  6. crispy says:

    GO LUCY!!!

  7. crispy says:

    Yeah Lucy’s boobs look odd. Oddly incredible.

  8. HR says:

    Lucy’s nipples look stuck on. Keeley’s are perfect.

  9. Fred says:

    No, I agree… there is just something slightly odd about Lucy’s boobs. Keeley’s look just so malleable and supple…

  10. Russ says:

    haha…malleable and supple….so true

  11. red says:

    I’m doing a write-in vote for Sophie Howard. 😛

  12. SadClown says:

    Keeley’s look real, Lucy’s look awesome but maybe not as real.

    I mean, if I had to choose between them, I’d want two of each.

  13. arar says:

    i agree with red, Sophie Howard FTW

  14. Alfie says:

    Vote for Keeley!
    I know it’s getting boring but it’s not her fault that she’s awesome! 😛

  15. mem says:

    Ever seen a vid of Lucy Pinder sucking cock? No, didn’t think so. Vote for Keeley.

  16. MotorboatBrett says:

    what does sucking cock have to do with it? This is about boobs.

  17. razia says:

    definitely lucy! and keeley’s got the most fuckal pair of nipples in this world!

  18. Dude says:

    Lucy all the way, Keeleys kind of hang there and are no way near as pert, big or squeezable

  19. Anadin says:

    Perfection vs. Perfection but for me Lucy wins

  20. dean says:

    lucy is the clear winner- keeley is a hag

  21. Terrorist says:

    well its Keeley Hazell bcz she looks more natural and is cuter and has natural beauty,and lucy is great but alot of artificial shit in there so Keeley my gf is gonna win

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