Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes

We now know who one of the finalists in the Boobie Battle is. I thought this semi-final would be a lot closer but it turned out as an easy victory for Lucy Pinder. She recieved a total of 2568 votes or 76% and poor Michelle Marsh only recieved 832 votes or 24%. Can Lucy be stopped in the final battle?

In the next semi-final we have Keeley Hazell vs Sophie Howard. Can Sophie’s boobs challenge Keeley’s fanbase? we shall see!! More Keeley pics here and more Sophie pics here

Round 3: FIGHT!


Keeley Hazell vs. Sophie Howard

Boobie Battle

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12 comments on “Boobie Blog’s Boobie Battle – British Babes”

  1. jeff says:

    keeley is perfect in every way – this one is no contest – and in my humble opion she wins the contest hands down .

  2. stoopid says:

    so queer, this means no videos posted today, eh? you wouldn’t because you like penis

  3. Andy says:

    Perfect in ever way?! I take it you haven’t heard that photoshoot interview then…

  4. jeff says:

    nope i havent andy – would you please care to elaborate further – because i think keeleys probably one of the most beautiful women on the net ( maybe ever )

  5. gimmerihanna says:

    Keeley rocks. Simply perfect boobs!!!

  6. gimmerihanna says:

    and a pretty face too

  7. reader says:

    its not fair… sophie has such phenomenal tits, but keeley, just too overpowering in the hot category

  8. Gordon Bombay says:

    I voted for the Sophie Howard of about 2 years ago, when her body was absolutely immense. She’s a little skinny now though, her boobs look a lot smaller. Perfect nipples still though.

  9. chrisweezy says:

    i gotta go with a personal favorite, and say sophie howard

  10. kellen says:

    Is this a battle of who is hotter or who has better tits? When you look only at the tits, Sophie’s are nicer.

  11. razia says:

    totally agree with kellen….guys its a BOOB BATTLE!

  12. MotorboatBrett says:

    They both have great boobs but, Keeley has a prettier face…But, as razia said, it is a Boob Battle, so idk if looks matter.

    I’d have to go with Keeley.

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