Boobie Blog Returns On Wednesday!

Aaaah.. december! For some reason everything is happening during this month in my life. Ive had more stuff happend in december than the entire year! Im going to europe to spend christmas with my family in about an hour and I havent started packing yet. I havent dropped off the face of the earth and once Im in europe I’ll have time to update the site again. I’ll see you on wednesday with a fresh and well needed boobie update!! 🙂

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12 comments on “Boobie Blog Returns On Wednesday!”

  1. dragonrunnr says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Niklas. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! Happy Holidays!

  2. Master Orion says:

    I hear there’s lots of good boobies over in Europe…. ;D

  3. Jack Lambers says:

    Happy Holidays Niklas ….. Just hope you post Europe’s finest melons here 🙂

  4. andreophile says:

    Happy holidays, Niklas, and may you run into many random boobage moments in Europe. By the way, isn’t Santa supposed to be St. Niklas or something?

  5. Mynameisnictoo says:

    Hope you have a nice time, just be sure to share the boobie blog stuff with us, not just your male family members. BOOBS FOREVER!

  6. European says:

    Just one thing, Europe is one entire continent , no one damn country. You know, Portugal is not like Sweden.

  7. Edward says:

    If you could find time to get over to Albania and get some of those women to pose, I would love it. Gorgeous women there. And Czech Republic. And Italy. And Spain and Portugal. Maybe some Scandinavian babes. And…… *sigh* too many countries, too many boobs, too little time….
    Have a great trip!

  8. Master Orion says:

    I concur with Ed on that one. Happy holidays nonetheless! <----(forgot to add with previous post)

  9. Nash says:

    Hey Niklas.. Europe is ‘THE’ place for you to be.. I hope you become a voyeur there & get us some unseen voyeuristic & nudism pics which is ‘quite common’ there..!!! Well, have a good trip & do well.. hehehe

  10. Master Orion says:

    I can’t find a better place to ask this (do you have a e-mail addy for general questions/requests?). I recently discovered in the Playboy Issue of October 2004 I believe, they did a set on gaming babes. No, that’s not real life babes that play games, but the characters themselves. Bloodrayne, some chick templar from Hellgate etc. If you haven’t done a blog about that, could you? And if you have, is it still up and running?

  11. afro says:

    have a good time, I would welcome you to Europe but I’m English and the mainlanders don’t like us 😉 from the spelling of your name i’m guessing you’re going to the eastern side?

  12. Niklas says:

    ..and I have arrived
    First of all, I was born in europe and didnt move until I was 22 so Im well aware of the various nations.. lol

    Second, contact e-mail is in the right column below all the categories but above the counter. I did a small piece on gaming boobs in this blogs earlier days so just do a search.

    Third, I love the brits! especially the busty women! I dread your airports however.. hehe.. anyways.. on to todays update!

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