Bodypaint Soccer is Awesome

Wow.. I’ve been enjoying the football played at the World Cup in South Africa but it’s still nowhere near as awesome as bodypaint porn stars from Germany taking on a team of bodypaint porn stars from Australia!! Wow, I really want to see a video of this because the boob bouncing during the match must have been epic!

From now on I think there should be a bodypaint babes World Cup played every year with more teams!!

A treasure map to boobs: FLING

Body paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccer

Getting laid was never this easy!!

Body paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccerBody paint soccer

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16 comments on “Bodypaint Soccer is Awesome”

  1. tc says:

    #10 pix is a guy in yellow. Eewwh!

  2. Pandanapper says:

    Front row on the 7th picture has some of the best boobs. 😀

  3. dust says:

    girl in the middle of #7 is the well-known german pornstar Vivian Schmitt

  4. Cekkent says:

    Who’s the one on the left in #7 with the lumpy-looking rack?

  5. Name Required says:

    So is this the prediction? Germany vs Brazil?

  6. ryan says:


  7. Xan says:

    whos the big boobed blonde to the far left on #7?

  8. wigg says:

    four nil

  9. El Guapo says:

    Hold on a second!!! Do my eyes decieve me but isnt that Anna Uccatis bottom second from the left of the group picture? AND Sexy Cora in pic 14?

  10. bwk says:

    @El Guapo

    Yes, thats Annina Ucatis.And in Pic14 is Sexy Cora.

    Greetz from Germany.

  11. wallhanger` says:

    You can see everything. Worst job of body painting i’ve ever seen…thank goodness! They need to slap some paint on some of those nasty looking muggs though!

  12. Wedge says:

    I need to learn how to do body paint!

  13. BeerDude says:

    Agreed wallhanger, ugly – but what’s with the massively deformed boob implantation on the blonde!

  14. Download says:

    Beerdude, that’s Annina Uccatis.

    Use BING as search engine and then select pictures. (much better for X rated pics search than Google).

    And yes her boobjob went overboard, it’s just too much and too fake but still i’d hit her !

  15. Edward says:

    Download, thanks for the tip on Bing. I looked up Jill Kelly on Bing and found out she’s looking as hot as ever. After so many years of porn she’s still looking awesome, and Bing returned tons of hits. I wish Niklas would post some pics of her (*hint*) because she has one of the better tit jobs around.

  16. Shino says:

    Anyone know the brazilian blonde girl from the 1st column, 3rd row

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