Ariel Winter’s Boobs Arriving at Jimmy Kimmel!

Candids of Ariel Winter wearing another cleavtastic dress while arriving to the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Tits look good but she is wearing WAY too much makeup. She looks like a lil’ kid who found her mom’s makeup kit for the first time.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of hers you’ll be happy to know that Modern Family got renewed for two more seasons and that Ariel got a pay raise. She’ll now make $350,000 per episode for 44 episodes. KACHING!!

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Ariel Winter cleavageAriel Winter cleavageAriel Winter cleavageAriel Winter cleavageAriel Winter cleavageAriel Winter cleavageAriel Winter cleavageAriel Winter cleavage

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11 comments on “Ariel Winter’s Boobs Arriving at Jimmy Kimmel!

  1. Joe says:

    Enough of this cunt. She has no talent you dumbfuck. She has tits that you fucking pedophiles jacked off to and now she’s a fat ass, troll face, less than even average talentless bitch, yet you give her all the attention the little cum guzzler is desperately seeking. Knock it the fuck off. She, the inbred Kardashians, the Jenners, all have nothing to offer this world, they are waste of humans and set the absolute worst example for people yet you praise them as gods. Knock that shit off.

  2. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Gettin sick of seein dis NO TALENT WHORE being featured here EVERY FUCKEN DAY!!! Quit wit dis bullshit, Nik!

  3. Nerosan says:


  4. IvanLeTerrible says:

    And I am gay

  5. Zangieff says:

    Who gives a shit whether she’s got any talent? She’s nice and plump and loves getting her picture taken in tight fitting outfits. Works for me.

  6. pg says:

    How can you be that angry? Man you need to switch to decaf or something.

  7. Stiff Matty says:

    Been on the fence about her for a while but, yup, that’s enough.

  8. Lance Burton says:

    If she ever unleashes her frankenjuggs you will all be seriously disappointed.

  9. J says:

    Great thing bout internet, guys who aren’t making butt load of money at young age can sit round and fuss and moan bout a woman who would never sleep with said guy in first place

  10. ed says:

    boring … just ignore the attention seeker, gives decent young girls a bad rep..

  11. bob over here says:

    well, them bewbs. if she would just get them out a bit more, she has a path. loving them titties girl. now can I see them please? and who cares about acting skills. she has a massive young rack. I have a couch ………..

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