Anita Dark

Ive been thinking about posting pics of Anita Dark many a times before but I just cant decide if I think she is hot or not. In some photo series she is smoking and in others not so much. Anita Dark also goes by the name Anita Blonde depending on the colour of her hair. She is clever like that.

Anita Dark Anita Dark Anita Dark Anita Dark Anita Dark Anita Dark Anita Dark Anita Dark
Pics from: Digital Desire

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11 comments on “Anita Dark”

  1. Edward says:

    Yes, I can see that it must be hard to decide if she’s hot. Perhaps you should compare her to some of the nude pics of Janet Jackson or Mom Kardashian. Might help you decide.

  2. Anonymous Coward says:


  3. yoav says:

    That is NOT Anita Dark man..

  4. Nitsan says:

    she creamed my pants

  5. Niklas says:

    That is Anita Dark unless there are two girls with the same name. Check wikipedia under Anita Dark

  6. viggaz says:

    that is indeed anita dark. she used to have darker hair and she’s had some work done, i’m guessing,
    as she’s waaay hotter than she used to be. anita blond only goes by the name of anita blond, and her
    face is more angular and her breasts are real. as well done as they are, ms dark’s are fakes.

  7. AM says:

    She’s hot! There’s no doubt what so ever.

  8. Charlie says:

    That IS Anita Dark, and ALWAYS has been. Anita Blonde is another girl. Anita Dark BTW, is hotter than hell, although she’s better as a brunette.

  9. THE BIG TIT KING says:

    This IS Anita Dark. Anita Blonde is someone different. Niklas check out and please post some Anita Blonde pics. She is probably the hottest bird ever ima. See the Anita Blonde and Peter North shoot especially. I’m sure you love her.

  10. oodie says:

    shes hot. hott boobs. not the hottest but hott. looks like Dr. 90210’s wife.

  11. Johnny Packer says:

    Actually her tits are real – read in an interview ages ago that she had a nipple reduction operation. So whilst you could say that the nipples are fake, the shape and contents are real. Fucking hot. I rate her higher than Anita Blonde, but each to their own. Those lucky dudes in the 90s got to do both at once!

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