Amy Anderssen TwitPics + Vines

TwitPics of porn star Amy Anderssen and her crazy body! I say crazy because she has crazy big tits and a crazy big ass which is something I normally don’t gravitate to. I’m usually an all natural kinda guy but she has won me over. Maybe its because she doesn’t live too far from me and I feel like I could possibly get up in that but, I think its more her attitude that I like. She’s one of the porn girls who genuinely seems to enjoy getting fucked on camera.

Pictures from: Amy Anderssen

Amy Anderssen on TwitterAmy Anderssen on TwitterAmy Anderssen on TwitterAmy Anderssen on TwitterAmy Anderssen on TwitterAmy Anderssen on TwitterAmy Anderssen on TwitterAmy Anderssen on Twitter


15 comments on “Amy Anderssen TwitPics + Vines”

  1. Option says:


  2. 2peteshakur says:

    second that!

  3. Name (required) says:


  4. Greg says:

    I’d still hit it though

  5. Peter Sutcliffe says:

    …with a shovel, maybe.

  6. nothing more says:

    Those things are ridiculous. Nipples are pointing every which way but the right way which is why they are covered. Would still smash.

  7. ac3boy says:

    LOL @Peter

  8. Name* says:

    Those are natural right?

  9. iNinja says:

    Her tits might be ridiculous, but idgaf. She is way hot. The vid of her + Ariane St Amour = wow!

  10. hanzo says:

    If you get up in it, make her wear the BB shirt before you splash it down. Lol!

  11. Stevie says:

    Guys, she will swell your cock. I just saw her porn video.

  12. Lance Burton says:

    Seems she can be rented for 84 dollars an hour.

  13. jdog says:

    Where can I rent Lance? She is fucking bad….

  14. hayden winters fan says:

    A good proof for Fake Tits are not a good thing!

  15. doom says:

    I wanna cum all over her boobs

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