8 comments on “Amia Miley in Prologue!

  1. CattooButt says:

    Seems sad and down. Could be the music track.

  2. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Noice bod and tatts on dis hoe! Dem hips doe… Me approves!

    1. Don P says:

      Wow! A fucking poet. Still a moron though. Hoe (Ho, stupid) and doe. Amazing. A garden tool and a female deer.

  3. BeerMan says:


  4. Bob says:

    Gross. She ruined her body with the implants. She was absolutely PERFECT pre-surgery. Literally was my favorite porn star, and now I am so turned off by her. Am I alone here? I don’t think so…

    1. Jnewsted14 says:

      Yeah, her implants were a bummer for sure. Wish she went smaller at least at start. Whatever happened, her boobs did not handle the quick stretching out too well.

      Definitely one of the hottest little cute things when she started. Now she’s a total hardbody chick. Still pretty hot though.

  5. Have An Affair says:

    She still looks good though….

  6. Blue says:

    Yea I still think she looks amazing. Would anyone really say no to her? I’d go as far as saying this is an improvement.

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