Amber Rose’s Boobs are No More!

Amber Rose revealed via Instagram a few days ago that she is getting a breast reduction. I always liked her big boobs so its sad to see them go. At least she showed them off while she had them. RIP.

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Sad day. Here is what we are losing:

Amber Rose toplessAmber Rose toplessAmber Rose toplessAmber Rose topless

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30 comments on “Amber Rose’s Boobs are No More!”

  1. Jason says:

    Well, she’s dead to me – much like Ariel Winter. This should be illegal…lol

  2. Deewok says:

    Love the tits..
    Love the tatts..
    Love the top….😘😍
    Oh well….😕😣

  3. Shmoo_usn says:

    They may have been her ONLY redeeming quality. Oh well, never understood what people see in her….and the sooner she disappears the better!

  4. Michael says:

    Well, goodbye to her fame. Like Jason said….she’s now dead to me.

  5. IvanLeTerrible says:

    What a DUMB WHORE!! Hows she gonna get any work now as a hooker without her tits??? Bitch gonna die by starvation bcuz of her stupidity! Dats kinda sad

  6. Joe says:

    Who gives a fuck about that no talent stupid cunt bitch. She’s a fat flabby assed bitch with God awful ugly fucking tattoos, a hair cut like a dike cunt, and tits that are just big, that’s it. She doesn’t have great tits, her sex tape isn’t good, so who gives a fuck about if she cuts her tits off. Just makes her a fucking fat ass useless cunt cow with no tits. Just eat shit and die you cunt whore.

  7. jume 4 says:

    That the new go-to-way of gaining attention? Hardly any breast reduction is physically necessary; just for comparison’s sake, Ala Passtel’s (much larger) boobs weigh about 1600g (~3.5lbs). Even a slim frame can handle this additional package with a little bit of training.

    Here’s wondering if she will pull a Linsey Dawn and get implants again some time after her reduction 😂

  8. Random says:

    I can’t imagine ever being that enraged about a girl getting a boob reduction.

  9. vpp says:


    Its a crime.

  10. Peponote says:

    Right, Random? Some people here must be really troubled to make comments like those. I feel sad for them

  11. Iamking47 says:

    I didn’t know it was that serious. We all know her 15 minutes of fame has ran out so just let her get her reduction and fade out. No need to get hostile about it…..damn.

  12. Lance Burton says:

    Why the fuck does anyone care what this retired whore does?

  13. boobieblogfan says:

    I think she’s a great looking woman. It’s just a shame she never did a proper playboy type spread.

  14. Iwudluvtoo says:

    Damn… Her boobs are the only thing I LIKED about her… oh well.

  15. Jim L says:

    They weren’t all that big to start with. Just nice size. What an idiot.

  16. Deewok says:

    Lighten up folks…
    Few folk on here got dumped in high skool and never got over it me thinks…

    1. Corpse Paint says:

      I’m with you Deewok! The negativity around here is annoying. We are graciously shown big tits on a daily basis, free of charge, and some folks feel entitled to complain about everything! I suppose that’s the kind of bravery that being behind a keyboard allows for…

  17. Deewok says:

    Or maybe their mum stopped breast feeding them at 23 and just been in a bad mood since…..

    Last week 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Deewok says:

    Can we start a KEEP YOUR TITS CAMPAIGN?
    Also how about a crowdfunding page to support me to fly to the States and book her services? 🤔🤓🤘

  19. Paul says:

    Joe is only happy when he is hanging off his mothers big ol titties.

  20. Deewok says:

    Dont blame him…
    I luv suckin oan them too..
    They is fine big o’l titties 😍😍😍 🖑 (*Y*)🖑

  21. nonW00t says:

    Stoopid bitch!

  22. jume4 says:

    “Negativity”, eh? Maybe you’re the ones taking things too serious if you genuinely think people here write comments with anything more than a sleepy face on.

  23. Squalla says:

    “Negativity” is actually a gross understatement. What some commenters type in here is unadulterated misogyny, and it boggles the mind that Niklas even allows them. Way past the time you step the fuck up, Nik.

  24. mr hung says:

    i hate when women do this, not only is it like slapping god in the face for blessing you but the worst bit about this is how public they make it – like its the latest fashion to get a breast reduction. I don’t give a fuck about her but just think of all the millions that have watched this video and some of them are going to go and have a breast reduction themselves because of her.

  25. alice says:

    Good for her. Butts > breasts

  26. GoAwayBigBoobHatersAndShamers says:

    Whoever is leaving all the comments ‘shaming’ people who disagree with Roses’ choice – FYI, it is one person (the same person) just changing their name :\ as if we wouldn’t notice 🙁 and it’s a chick who either had a reduction themselves or has no tits to start with – fuck off honey, if you don’t love big tits then you’re in the wrong group (and not welcome either).

  27. Deewok says:

    Best reply yet. 😁🖒
    Up there wi those alien kidnap theories and Kennedy.
    Fucking baffled like…
    But impressive

  28. Vash the Stampede says:

    Her boobs aren’t really that big, if she really thinks they are too big then she should lose weight since she’s a little thick all around, if she lost some weight then her boob size would go down too

  29. Deewok says:

    She could do some cardio by wriggling on my face.
    Or just repeatdly squatting over it.
    I could also then releave the weight of her pubs by simultaneously gently cupping them….
    Vash is a superb catoon imo…🤓🖒

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