9 comments on “Amber Rose is Braless in New York!

  1. Joe says:

    She’s got a big set of tits, that’s it. A fat ass, an average face, and has absolutely no talent. Glad this is Boobie Blog or otherwise it would just be stupid dumb whores. Sorry Nik. It’s bad when bitches like Rose, the dumb fucking Kardashian cunts, the stupid bitch Ariel Winter, all have big tits but otherwise are completely and utterly useless dumb bitches. OK rant over.

  2. Answerman says:

    Well said.

  3. Niklas says:

    “She’s got a big set of tits, that’s it.”

    Well. That’s the criteria.

  4. Lance Burton says:

    Who is surprised that a hooker/stripper would be bra-less?

  5. jon says:

    sad when men rant and run their mouths bout women and lash out and call them names, and every last 1 of these women are making way more money than you ever will, and sad that none of these women will ever give you the time of day

    rant over

  6. Squalla says:

    Pretty much, jon.

    Women I’m attracted to but otherwise know fuck-all about: A-OK!
    Women I’d probably be attracted to if they weren’t rich and famous outside of the porn industry because that somehow gets in the way: STUPID DUMB BITCH!
    Women who boned rappers? Extra minus points: FUCK OUTTA HERE!

    Not at all to justify the hate on Rose and the Kardashians, but I mean, seriously, what the fuck has 18-year-old actress Ariel Winter ever done that is condemnable from any reasonable standpoint? How much of an asshole do you really have to be to even bring her up? Fuck you—you clearly get off on that shit and it’s truly fucked up. Get help.

    Oh, right. Rant over.

  7. j says:

    i didnt bring up the modern family chick0 even though she does seem to be going down skank road awfully fast
    but ive heard ms. rose on a talk show she now does, shes very well spoken and alot tamer than most would expect.

  8. Lance Burton says:

    If you dont like to read others opinions JON, then maybe you should just stay off the internet or better yet get your own site and rant about or post all the no talent whores you like. You could start with any Kardashian.

  9. phil says:

    Ariel Winter and Amber Rose actually seem pretty intelligent in real life regardless of how they dress. The whole Kardashian family on the other hand probably has an IQ equal to a bag of rocks.

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