7 comments on “Alisa I is the Queen of Hearts!”

  1. Peter Sutcliffe says:

    Holy shit, those tits are fucking PERFECT.

  2. IvanLeTerrible says:

    Yooo, dis bitch got a great bod! cant wait for her to take on 30 niggaz in a gangbang vid!

    1. Big daddy pimp says:

      Can’t wait to see 45 niggaz fking you and yo momma afterwards

  3. Download says:

    My Friends, if there is such a thing as perfection then THIS is the closest a humanbeing will get to it.
    10 out of 10 with a golden star on top of it !

  4. intendtitore says:

    search Jessica Albanka <3

  5. Adam says:

    Are we sure her name is Alisa I? I couldn’t find her when searching that name.

  6. Jnewsted14 says:

    Wow! Perfect woman! Nice find

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