22 comments on “Alisa I is Naked on a Ladder!”

  1. Red Fiend says:

    Ah, perfection is bestowed upon us.

    1. mikeroyne says:

      indeed, 10/10 all day. shes so gorgeous & clean. she must wake up looking like that

  2. Nik nik says:

    Your webpage has been hacked again as any link you click on takes you to 3rd party webpages

  3. humanoid says:

    Holy mother of Satan, she’s gorgeous!

  4. nothingmore says:

    So flawless even the hyper-finicky trolls are silent.

  5. BeerMan says:


  6. bob says:

    To quote city slickers

    I like yous ass.
    Can I wear it as a hat?

  7. Predator says:

    She is pretty good, but she would be a goddess if she had more of an ass.

  8. Deewok says:

    I would say she has has taken the mood a step up, or that his pictures have rung the changes…🤷‍♀️😳😭🙈

  9. Deewok says:

    I could do a Mike here and bitch like fuck that she has no tattoos and is too skinny a d thereby I dont find her hot…but then that would just make me a right boring cunt…wouldn’t it..🤷‍♀️
    Hey…the world is different…we like different things…that’s what’s good about it…🤷‍♀️🤔😃😉👍

    1. Iron Balls McGinty says:

      So that means you’d uselessly bet she goes to sleep lookin’ like that?

      1. Deewok says:

        No no no…
        She wakes up looking like that…🤷‍♀️
        Come on!
        Get with it.
        Dont like new photoshoot above this either.. 🤷‍♀️
        How bout just comment on summit that you like…
        That would be nice a d like my pants, extremely refreshing…👍

        1. Iron Balls McGinty says:

          World’s different? EVERYBODY wakes up lookin’ how they look. Don’t know why that’s even a point to be made.

    2. mikeroyne says:

      look at all my loyal minions. you chuds are really buying into the program aren’t you

      tatting up this girl is like tagging the sistine chapel

      1. Iron Balls McGinty says:

        The program of you being a moron? Yep. Your idiotic repetitive comments are akin to very loud farts in said chapel; nobody wants to hear ’em.

      2. Deewok says:

        Btw…ever been to see it?

        1. Iron Balls McGinty says:

          Like to. Far from being an affordable trip. Lottery money, and I’m there. Maybe just to fart there in person.

          1. mikeroyne says:

            yup, went there awhile back. keep saving up, someday all the busking will pay off. haha lottery money?!? its very affordable, this almost makes me sad that you think a trip to italy takes lottery money

  10. Deewok says:

    If I wake up looking anymore beautiful people will mistake me for the 2nd cumming 💦💦💦 of christ…I look that good.

  11. Dave says:

    She’s got a great body and is relatively pretty but I’m getting bored with these plain sets now. I’d like to see her get penetrated.

    1. Deewok says:

      You are a dirty man! 😱😝

    2. zombie says:

      I’m likely in the minority, but I can’t disagree more, she’s classy and beautiful.

      It’d be like putting a theme park in the middle of a pristine forest, sure it’s more fun to watch, but it’s not really an improvement.

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